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    So my partner and I have been together for almost 9 years now and we have hit a point where I know I have drug my feet far to long on having children and marriage. I know that I want both with her and have no particular doubt that we can make us work for a lifetime and that we would both make spectacular parents. Knowing this I'm still apprehensive mainly about having children right now. I like our life. I like being able to do whatever I what when I decide to and I know children will change that. I want children I just don't want them right now.
    I've run out of excuses to delay starting the process any further. We own a home and are as financially secure as we could ask for. All the small milestone I've asked her to wait for have come and gone but I still don't feel ready. She feels her biological clock ticking and she has made it abundantly clear that if we don't have children sometime soon she will no longer be interested in having children. I fully understand her position and have agreed in the new year to actively move forward with trying to get pregnant. I'm going to follow through because I want children with her and I'm not going to fool that up. So I suppose my question is this... How do I overcome this selfish indulgence of doing whatever I please and settle into the idea of having children?

    Thanks for reading.

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