How is HER LA Holiday party?

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by TarynP, Dec 1, 2017.

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    First of all if this topic is in a wrong section I'm so sorry but I think this is not an announcement of the event so I didn't put it there and my question is kinda asking for opinion actually.

    So I am mid-20s years old who is new to town (actually, still new to this country.) My straight friends always suggest me to go out because online dating seems toxic to me at this point. I found this event on the HER app (obviously) but since I have no lesbian friends to go out with, one of my straight friends is willing to go with me.

    I googled to see what this event deal is but could not find much "review" or any sort of opinion information for a very new person to the scene like me and my friend. I don't want to drag my friend to a party that she will find it hardly to enjoy.

    So have you ever join the event and how friendly was it like? Is it worth the ticket? Is it too weird for your heterosexual friend?

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