How do you know if your girlfriend is "The On...

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    How can you tell if your partner is right for you long - term?

    Do you need to be madly in love? Do you need passion or is friendship and companionship enough for longevity?

    Would love to hear your thoughts!!

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    Re: How do you know if your girlfriend is "Th...

    I think it's a mixture of all of the above... you need to keep the passion and romance alive, but it's also really important to be able to be yourself and have a healthy relationship. For me, it's having someone I can spend a lot of time with and never getting bored, really good conversations (although sometimes they can be funny / juvenile but we can laugh about everything), etc.
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    You have to really want to spend time with her. That time doesn't need to be spent being passionate or romantic because most of the time you'll just be hanging out. Do you look forward to coming home to her every single day? Are you romantically compatible? Financially compatible? Do you like doing most of the same things?

    Although they say opposites attract, they do not stay together in the long run. If one of you is outgoing and the other an introvert, that will start to put a strain on your relationship when one wants to always go out while the other wants to stay in. If one of you is really bad with money, but the other knows how to save and spend wisely, you'll have trouble unless the wise spender can educate the other.

    In the long run, you have to be able to see yourself with her for the rest of your life. You should have chemistry together because without it in the beginning, you'll constantly find fault with the other. Although chemistry plays a major role in a relationship, if you two don't see eye to eye on most things, it won't keep the relationship going.

    Most importantly, can you honestly say you love her and truly believe she loves you in return? The key is that you both must feel the same about each other. If you just say the words "I love you" to please her, she's probably not the one. If you have any doubts, she probably isn't the one. If you're with her because you can tel she really really likes you and you don't want to hurt her, she probably isn't the one.

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