Hopes for 5B of Once Upon a Time

Discussion in 'Off-Topic TV Shows' started by Kristana, Dec 15, 2015.

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    I took a serious drubbing from 5A, but I still watch, and I'll still post my hopes. I'm casting my heart into the fire.
    • That Emma has to make a choice between saving Hook and Regina.
    • That Mulan gets her resolution.
    • That while I know Hercules and Meg will be there, that they're sort of backburnered for actual character development for the main cast.
    • That the Charmings little rose colored world is shaken up.
    • That whatever spell it is that says that only heroes get their happy endings is broken.
    • I know that Zelena and Dorothy will be in 5B, but I hope that that isn't it for Zelena.
    • That Robin continues to be a "Seen, not heard" role.
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