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    ...Anyone mention One Big Happy in here, or was that too short-lived, cutesy and awkwardly written to remember?...I guess I have simple interests and pleasures, but those six little episodes really made me Happy for a couple weeks in the spring of '15. I still have them on an iPod along with promos and cast/crew interviews.

    Anyway, I think the first lesbian show I saw back when was Exes & Ohs. Great show, accompanied by the preceding ten rules movie...and I liked the first season a little better than the second. Second did away with a couple things that made the first one so good (like Heather Matarazzo). Then I found the DVD of season one of We Have To Stop Now, and got pretty easily drawn to that. I got that for Suzanne Westenhoefer, who I freaking love. Blonde lesbian comedienne! How many of THOSE can there possib—...
    ...Uh...never mind.

    Admittedly, I didn't get too far into L Word at first. The misandric remarks made it a little hard to watch. But I'm sure that's just me. I'm sensitive about that kind of that. But aside from that, I conducted a little study of most earlier shows and their lesbian content—or, eh, lack thereof...especially in ratio to how dang many gay men they can put on TV. Put a couple gay guys on TV, their show can run for a friggin' decade. But not the Merry Girls, nooooooo...but I have still compiled a nice list of lesbian characters on TV shows, mainly '80s-2010s sitcoms, the programs I tend to watch most.

    It's not hard to make the list; it's not that long. Suzanne Westenhoefer said, "You can have lesbians on TV, they just can't be played by lesbians." That seemed true when she said it, but I'm happy to report that in a season 3 episode of Mom, Bonnie's friend (Aunt) Jeanine appeared, portrayed by—drumroll, please—Rosie! The pattern's broken! Probably making too big a deal out of that, but it pleased me to see! Again, like the movies, I'll go through these other shows and try to find more to watch. Cheers, all.

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