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Discussion in 'Relationships' started by rainbow_flowers, Sep 24, 2013.

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    so ive posted a few times in this section so sorry again if this is inappropriate. Long story short im kinda with this straight girl who doesnt know how to touch a girl per say, i mean we did the obvious stuff, finger (which im a virgin so it hurt lol with just one finger so we didnt do that long),she ate me out which i think i have a sensitive clit because it didnt hurt per say but it didnt feel good, like if you touch your clit directly that tickle painful feeling and i tried to have her move her tongue around and such and i just dont think she'll get me off cause my clits broken lol so i feel bad cause she feels bad cause she cant get me off and i dont want her thinking its because i dont find her attractive, cause i really do. shes tried rubbing me to and its the same thing with the clit, i masturbate alot so i rub it out but i dont directly touch the clit if that makes sense, i stay above the lips, i tried having her do that but i dont know it felt silly but i think thats the only way she'll be able to get me off. We did talk about getting a strap on which ive heard some you can feel but not really get off with them. Basically im asking for advice on how to get me off lol. I get her off several times lol but the stuff i do she cant do on me cause of my clit. I would like for her to try the fingering but i dont know how to not make it painful. Any advice, sorry its so long i tend to ramble
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    Rainbow_flowers, I have good news for you. You are a precision machine and once your partner gets the proper pressure and spot, she will get you off nice and well.

    It is not unusual for you to help by touching your own spot, covering the clit while she penetrates you and does other sexual touching. It is okay for you to guide her hand in touching you in your most sensitive spot. Just practice and if there is love and attraction the rest is just making your way to Carnegie Hall.

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