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    Have you ever felt uncomfortable at your healthcare provider’s office?

    Have you ever felt like your healthcare provider was not sensitive to your needs?

    Has your healthcare provider ever said anything to you that was inappropriate?

    These are common concerns among women across the world who identify as lesbian or bisexual. Although not all lesbian or bisexual women have bad experiences with their healthcare provider, many fear being discriminated against or anticipate an uncomfortable visit. In fact, many women will skip important health-screening tests because of these fears.

    An important health-screening procedure lesbian and bisexual women will often skip is the test to screen for cervical cancer, often referred to as the Pap test. Women should be able to receive their Pap test in a safe and comfortable environment, regardless of sexual orientation.

    We are trying to improve healthcare services for women of ALL sexual orientations.

    To accomplish this, we need your help!

    We are asking females (age 21 – 65) who identify as non-heterosexual (lesbian, bisexual, gay, queer, transgender or something else) to take a brief survey that will take you less than 10 minutes about your experiences and/or perceptions about Pap testing.

    Even if you have never had a Pap test, you can still take the survey.

    After completing the survey, you can enter your name in to a drawing to win a gift card.

    We are awarding five gift cards.

    Click here to access the survey:

    Thank you for taking time to take this important survey.

    For more information about the study, please visit

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