Help please. Its my last night with her! Make a move?

Discussion in 'Does She Like Me?' started by anytime, Dec 19, 2014.

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    Mar 23, 2014
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    My roommate right, hot . I like her a lot.
    Here's what's up: I've never been with a girl. I'm awkward. She has a girl back home that's better than me at stuff.
    not a girlfriend but im pretty sure they have something because if she flirts with me, why wouldnt she be dating this other girl?
    my roommate:
    hits me a lot
    laughs at some of the things i say
    (i laugh more at hers)
    says aww whenever i say something sweet
    just generally likes attention
    references a bunch of gay stuff so im 100% shed go for girls but does she like me?
    i would guess not but i have low self-esteem
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    Jul 2, 2013
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    Maybe -- maybe not.

    Just by reading what you've said, I don't think that there's anything here to suggest that she "likes you likes you" in that kind of way. That she laughs at you, or says "awww" when you say something sweet could be just something that friends do. That she references gay stuff doesn't mean she's gay, either.

    You need to make sure that you're not reading more into the situation or projecting your wishful thinking onto her. You like her and you're looking for any shred of hope that she might like you. What you think is flirting may not be.

    Plus, it's your roommate -- if you're stuck with her for another semester or until your lease ends, what happens if you tell her you like her and it makes things awkward? Or, what happens if she does like you back and things go bad? Then you're potentially in a horrid living situation until you can get out.

    Work on your confidence a bit. I know, easier said than done, but unless your roommate gives you some sort of unequivocal sign that she's into you --i.e. really overt flirting, she kisses you, etc. I wouldn't interpret anything beyond normal friendship. Do you really want to risk the friendship anyway? If you're realizing you like girls, maybe you need to work on that confidence by hanging out and making some lesbian or gay friends (if you're in college, how about student groups?).

    Hang in there.

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