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    Dec 24, 2016
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    I'm 24 years old and from San Diego, California. I consider myself a highly feminine woman who just happens to be attracted to other ladies. I'm a hopeless romantic, having grown up as incredibly socially awkward but always dreaming of meeting the woman of my dreams. I have struggled all my life to find any semblance of romantic experience and faced nothing but stinging rejection from other women, and as a result my self-confidence has suffered.

    I consider my general tastes...unconventional, especially for a lesbian. Like I stated before, I'm extremely feminine, so I love wearing dresses, looking pretty, and so on, except that I dream of women, not men as is so culturally ingrained. Beyond that, however, I also have a pretty retro taste in a lot of things. My favorite music is primarily anything from around the last third of the 20th century, not so much more current stuff. I also have a deep love of 60s fashion, with a bit of 80s thrown in as well. Unfortunately, at least from my real-life experience, my sense of style and my general interests have not aligned much with other queer women, and as such I feel like it's nearly impossible for me to find love of any kind. It doesn't help either that I don't enjoy going out to bars and feel uncomfortable being in intense social situations due to my insecurities. I'm also a lipstick lesbian and don't really conform to the butch-femme model in spite of my intense femininity.

    I'm here because Internet forums have been my communicative comfort zone for several years now and I was hoping I could finally meet other lesbians who understand and empathize with much of what I've been going through. I've previously tried dating sites/apps, but they have never resulted in anything substantial. I hope that somehow all of my quirks will eventually help me at least establish close connections with other women and that I can finally feel I'm worthy of another beautiful lesbian's attention.

    I hope this place makes me feel welcomed!
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    Hey Infinity! I don’t really consider that unconventional. Who’s to say what’s “conventional” anyways...believe it or not, (though I’m unfortunately a dude on the outside), I am also an extremely “femmy” lipstick lebbi on the inside. It may be socially ingrained, but you should be and do what makes you happy. I know if I could be the super-feminine girl in me who’s dying to get out, I’d be doing the same thing: dresses, makeup, ribbons in the hair, et cetera. Maybe one day... ;) —Greg
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    Welcome Infinity183 :)
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    Feb 3, 2016
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    Hi welcome.
    Sounds to me like you have a pretty awesome style ;)
    Hope you like it here

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