Good studs are taken.

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    I feel all of the good studs are taken. I am very huge sweetheart and very down to earth and affectionate. Just spending time with my significant other is the highlight of my day. I would consider a rare jewel, a diamond in the rough, I have had my bad luck of with the women I allow into my life, horrible relationships but I won't give up and will continue to be patient and wait for my Ms.Right to find me wherever she is. My past relationship didn't like showing affection, especially in public, she hid me from her family and friends constantly, she lied to me about a lot, I felt very unwanted, the smallest of the smallest lies. I have experienced being with the cheaters, abusers, selfish players but I won't let my bad ones allow me from giving up from the good one, my good woman from entering into my life. I love affection, nurturing and that security and comfort and stability it gives me. I have yet to find a strong yet soft stud that embodies everything that I long for and desire most. I know I am young but I would love to more than anything meet not only my best friend but my fiance, my wife someday not only to share my most common interest but a deep bond that nobody else has, that rare special type of bond other only yearn for. I would say I am a hopeless romantic. Someone that steals my heart everyday, someone who isn't afraid to admit that they miss me, someone who knows that I am not perfect but treats me like I am,someone happy simply just spending time with me (sitting at the park for hours in the evening and/or watching all the best lmn and lifetime movies all Saturday or Sundays) even if we're doing absolutely nothing, someone who gives their heart completely and their biggest fear is losing me. Out of millions people in the world, no matter how many other woman "may seem" more "beautiful or attractive", she still chooses YOU, not only needs you but only WANTS you. Love only sees YOU in the room. Love should NEVER makes you feel like you're in competition with the next. Love only sees, only needs, only wants one person. I want a woman that is going to be happy to hear my voice at 3 in the morning six months from now. two years from now, five years from now. I want a woman that will still blush (even in the middle of a work meeting) and get all giggly reading my silly texts, a woman that will roll over ten years from now just to kiss my forehead and rub my back and tell me everything will be okay. I want to be the reason you look down at your phone and smile then walk into a pole, lol. The more we grow together, I want a woman that will fall in love with me more and more each and every day. I can honestly say I have nothing but time to get to know someone. To learn their likes and dislikes. To learn their dreams and aspirations, their hopes, their fears, what makes them grumpy, what makes them sad, what makes them SUPER exctied, what makes them raise their eyebrows, what makes them get that little wrinkly line in their forehead, even what makes them pouty.A woman we can share in our goal settings. And to let them share in mine. The next woman I invest in emotionally, mentally and physically, is going to be my wife. I am not inin search of a girlfriend for a few months even a year, I want my best friend, lover, workout buddy, lol, a fiance, a wife. I'm looking to build. I am looking to grow. And I feel that if you aren't in my life to teach me, grow with me, help me, love me then we are both wasting each other's time. Someone I can share my dreams with, my hopes, my aspirations, my fears. Someone to build with, not a house but a home. Someone who will listen to me whether it's 2,3 AM, listen to me to understand, not listen to me to reply. Someone I can always have in my corner, that unconditional kind of support. Someone who will want to learn what makes me smile, what makes me SUPER DUPER excited, what makes me even frown, what makes me get that little wrinkly line in your forehead, lol, what makes me all pouty. :/ Someone that wants
    to get to know me emotionally/mentally, someone that wants to invest in my heart, invest and put in the effort, the time. Someone that can
    emotionally captivate me before anything else

    I love everything about finsihing puzzles together/gamenights on Friday/Saturday nights, renting few redboxes and watching netflix cuddle and a movie with our favorite snacks, playing cards together and laughing like we're best friends sharing each others most embarrassing moments lol. Even cooking some of our favorite meals up together. I love to cook and enjoy good food. Fly kites, build sandcastle on the perfect beach day, feed a loaf bread in the park to the squirrels.

    I yearn for most the affection, affirmation, security, nurturing, feeling protected and wanted, stability, the fun down to earth silly embarrassing moments we share together, the consistency, devotion, one woman studs, respect, loyalty, ambition, compromising, sacrificing, pride in honesty, sincerity, emotional captivity. My diamond in the rough is out there waiting for me. :)

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