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    Wanda and I met in a woman's shelter 3 years ago and have been inseperable ever since. We both barely get by on disability income.

    The very place that was supposed to support us and assist with housing has ripped us off for the little money that we had and now we've found ourselves in need to return to the shelter.

    We would be separated if we went back into the shelter because we are not legally married. We are one another's support system and as you probably know, maneuvering through the shelter system is a pretty traumatic ordeal.

    We need your help so that we can stay together; allowing us to better focus on our mental health treatment goals, completing our education, and ultimately rising above this trap called poverty.

    Your donation will go directly towards the down payment for our very own home so we would (so very hopefully) never have to stare homelessness in the face again.

    We are both crafty gals who can offer our services with anything from helping you paint to cooking you a delicious meal as thanks!

    Also, I (Simone) have 13 years of experience in the childcare field and am looking for full or part-time work as a nanny.

    Wanda has 20+ years of experience as a cook and is looking for catering jobs as well as "pay by the plate" orders, specializing in, but not limited to delicious Puerto Rican and seafood dishes.

    In love and light,

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