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    I've worked with this girl for a few months. She knew I was gay almost right away because I'm very open and outgoing at work. We talk and joke with each other a lot at work, and we chat outside of work too. One night she mentioned to me that she likes both men and women. We talk to each other about everything. And I feel like we flirt a lot too. She is really touchy-feely, she always grabs my hand or scratches my back or stands and sits so close to me that she is touching me, and I will rub her arms or hold her hand. But I notice too that she is kind of like that with other people. Which makes me think she is just that kind of person. She compliments me about everything. Seriously everything. Last week she told me that I make her happy, and that she hopes that she does the same for me. Two people at my work have asked me if there's something going on between us.

    I was going through relationship problems during the last few months but I hadn't mentioned it til after we started hanging out for a while. After I told her she always wanted updates on how things were going. She told me I deserved better, that I shouldn't waste my time on her, blah blah blah. Then she started talking to me about her problems with her sort-of-boyfriend. Well I ended things about 3 weeks ago with my now ex, and I suddenly realized how attracted I am to her. I guess I was always attracted to her, but didn't think much of it till now. I used to feel really comfortable around her. Now I feel like I can't be myself, like I'm getting tense around her. I feel like she is getting colder toward me too. She is really shy and at a loss for words, and she seems really self conscious. I don't know if she just likes the attention because she is having relationship issues too or if she is really interested.
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    This is a late reply and you may have already figured things out, but I'll give my 2 cents. It sounds like when she knew you were dating someone she was okay flirting with you (most likely because you were taken and she didn't have to worry about you taking her advances seriously). Now that you're single, she may be flirting with you less because you could read into it differently now and she doesn't want to lead you on. Or (worst case scenario), she is one of those people that only likes things that she can't have. Since you aren't unattainable anymore, she may have lost interest.

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