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Discussion in 'Does She Like Me?' started by loveisnotautopy, Oct 23, 2013.

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    Oct 23, 2013
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    Hello all!

    It´d been a while since I´d posted on the does she like me forum, and now I´m back... Anyway, I´ll start by introducing myself. I´m a 22 year old femme who lives in Madrid, Spain. In my job looks are very important (hence why I go to the gym) and most of the girls are either straight or closeted (or I just assume cause I´m too scared to ask, or to come out to them). I consider myself bisexual, but lately I´ve been paying more attention to women. I usually go to a gym close to where I live with my best friend (boy), and one of the girls who works at the gym´s reception is hot! in a cool, badass way.

    I´d say she´s about 28ish, she´s a brunette with green eyes and a piercing on her nose or lip (not sure, cause I always get sucked into her eyes) and she´s got tattoos on her forearms. (I haven´t checked her nail length, I´ll try and do it tomorrow when I go back). I´ve only spoken to her about twice, and the rest of the times, just said hi. Yesterday, when I arrived, she looked up, and we both said hi.

    Then, when I left, she wasn´t there (bummer) but when I went outside and got on my bicycle to leave, I looked up and she was smoking a cig with another of the receptionists, I waved at her from my bike, and she flashed me a really big and sweet smile as she said goodbye. I guess what I´m asking is what you think about the whole situation, and what steps you´d advice me to take. Thanks in advance! ;-)
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    Umm…maybe she's just being nice. There is absolutely nothing in your post which would lead me to believe that she's into you (except for your own reading into the situation).

    My advice: play it cool. Continue to be friendly. See where it goes, without assuming anything on her part.

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