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    Hi all. A little background info to start with. I'm an American who came to the Netherlands a few years ago to coach a sports team. Only planned on staying a year or two but ended up falling in love. We were together for over 3 years and briefly engaged before she broke it off this summer. All of my current friends are from my sports club and are her friends as well since she is also a member of the club. Right now I have a lot of free time on my hands since our season is over and my closest friend here went back to the States. I would like to get out there and meet new people but can be quite shy until I get to know someone. By being in sports and on teams my whole life I've always been put in a place to make friends, but now I'm in a foreign country and really would like to expand outside of my team and sport. Any tips or advice on getting out there or on places to try and meet people? I'm in the Haarlem area...Thanks in advance.

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