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    First off this is a bit scary for me, but here goes, cuz I would like to get married hopefully someday, and I could use some help please Please don't be weirded out.

    Soo, basically, and please don't compare me with fake lesbians, it turns out I've been dating tomboys most of my life, only to find out I think like a woman a few years ago, which made so much sense, pieces of a puzzle fell into place.

    I've also had relationships/dates with bisexual women for example, and I'll never forget meeting one lesbian, and we just shared this look, and vibe, not attracted perse, although she was hot, but recognition.

    Joined Tinder, couldn't join Her for some reason, and whenever I see some lesbian women, I get warm, tingly, and turned on in the women areas of my body just like 'zinnnnng', for lack of a better description.

    Also felt like Camilla from Fifth Harmony, before knowing she was lesbian, stuff like that.

    Problem is there are guys, apparently, pretending to be lesbian, from what I gather, and there are some bi women, and of course some lesbians, that may only be attracted to female body types.
    I like fem women and tomboys, but I'm not attracted to male bodies at all. I don't feel like dressing like a woman, because it would look horrible, and don't feel like having a sex change, it would be too confusing, and I'm happy with my body, in that regard, more or less. If I had the choice to pick one I would pick a female body next time though.

    So, how do I find a lesbian/bi woman, if that may fit, as some people have suggested, if whenever a woman sees a male face, she might swipe left? Or is it just a matter of finding the right one as some have suggested? I not even sure what kind of woman for a relationship would fit. Never gonna find out without dating though, which brings us back to the app point I was making, full circle, and moving forward.

    Finally please keep in mind there are some genuine women who just happen to have a male body, and who get a bit distressed by the whole 'igh guy photo' thing, and leaves a bit on the fringe instead of feeling accepted as fellow female. My equal rights get on the barricade dander is up.

    Peace and love, hope someone will answer and help.
    Feels good, now that I've finally reached out about this, been walking with it for awhile, not sure what to do. Thank you for this blog, and allowing to talk.

    XOXO T.G.

    P.s. AfterEllen, maybe you could please do a story on this type of female in a male body and being female body bi/lesbian. I read comments, and there are possibly more of us struggling for a place in the community, without getting bashed And I wouldn't want to make a lesbian uncomfortable, it is just a weird place to be, although I love listening to lesbian music, and watching vlogs. Just a way, to be accepted into the community as type would be nice. Some tomboys don't have a clue either. It can be an intense experience understanding for both tomboys and tomgirls, for lack of better word, but also loads of laughs as well, I hope this comment helps others as well as myself. I sincerely hope I've not offended anyone. Thank you for your consideration.

    Edit: reading this forum has been such a great help with figuring out some of the dating issues I'm running a cross. It feels so good to meet similar people and talk. Thank you for this opportunity and platform. Love the layout.
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