Full Circle: Part 2

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    Aaw, you weren't a terrible friend, you're just human. And if anything, she was using you.
    Thanks for all the updates! I know it's been sain many times before, but I demand this story to be published as a book!
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    Che arrived ringing my doorbell like an annoying toddler. She had this childish way of keeping her finger on the bell until I answered. I opened the door and glared at her, mock annoyance playing on my face. I was glad to see her. "What the fuck happened to the bat mobile?" She asked.

    "Erin happened to it!"

    She looked at me confusion etched on her face, "come in i don't want to give the neighbours anything else to gossip about".

    As she walked through she saw what was left of my lap top on the table, "seriously what the fuck is going on, did she do that too?"

    I nodded and she shook her head, "hurricane Erin is an understatement......apparently she's got a temper!"

    I got her a drink and she raised her eyebrows and looked at me, "so, why are you in the dog house?"

    "I split up with her" I said in almost a whisper avoiding her eyes.

    She stared at me blankly then looked confused again and she spoke in almost a whisper, "why?"

    I met her gaze intently, "because I'm completely in love with you and I always have been."

    She stood there frozen looking at me unable to fully register my words. The enormity of what I had just said finally hit her. Tears started cascading down her cheeks. I moved closer and wiped her tears away and just looked at her, "it's always been you. "
    It was only a half lie, I convinced myself.

    I looked deep into her beautiful light brown bottomless eyes and ran my fingers through her hair and down on to her neck. My heart was hammering away and my pulse quickened. My head started to spin and my breathing was laboured, I couldn't quite work out if it was down to my deception or if I was overwhelmed by emotion. My gaze finally drifted down to her full lips, my mind desperately searching for something to settle myself.
    I pulled her closer still and leaned in the last few inches and let my lips touch hers. She met my kiss eagerly as her tears still flowed down her cheeks leaving a glistening trail in their wake. Every part of my body tingled with guilt. As I pulled away to wipe away her tears I looked into her big brown eyes, this time the intensity I found there was heart warming and exciting, "I love you, more than you will ever know". I whispered, I almost believed my own words.
    she raised her fingertips up towards my cheek letting them dance down my neck her eyes never leaving mine, "I love you more".

    I smiled at her desperately trying to subdue the guilt that I felt about what Ellen and I had done. Flashes of what Ellen and I had done together played on a seemingly relentless loop in my head. I had to stop the images, I just had to, it hurt too much to think about it.

    I forced myself to focus on Che. It heated up pretty quickly and we didn't get chance to talk until afterwards we just about made it to the sofa discarding clothes as we went.

    It felt so good having her in my arms it really was like coming home, safe and comfortable. A stark contrast to the passionate, lustful, overwhelming night with Ellen. Before I could stop myself I had made the comparison. Yet somehow, being in Che's arms helped to ease the heartache I felt about Ellen and her blatant rejection she showed me in the cold light if day.

    Che later told me everything she had been hiding from me for all those years and then she looked up at me with a smile, "does this mean you’re my girlfriend now? "

    I smiled, "suppose it does, yeah."

    She started kissing me again then caught a glance at the clock, "shit! Is that the time?"

    "yeah it's 6 why?"

    Me and my sister are taking lily away for a few days remember, I was moaning about having to go to Exeter to see JLS? The concerts on the 1st but we are leaving tonight."

    I pulled her towards me, "no I don't think so you're not leaving I've only just got you back."

    She laughed, "behave it's my nieces birthday gift and I'm not cancelling no matter how much I want too."

    "When will you be back?"

    "monday night."

    I stuck my bottom lip out, "I'll have my phone with me and my laptop so we can talk or whatever."

    As she said whatever a smirk spread across her face. I pulled her back towards me, "I've missed you."

    "I’ve missed you too, like you wouldn't believe."

    "You’re mine Monday night as soon as you get back" I said with a smile.

    she grinned, "good."
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    I'm so trying to be patient. But to be honest, I check this page every day for updates.
    Whenever you feel like posting an update, lex. I'll be here, all humble and happy. :lol:
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    Maybe later, I'm in a surprisingly good mood today :p ;-)
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    Lovely! (Here: lots of emoji-hearts)
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    The weekend seemed to be never ending. I couldn't seem to focus on anything. My thoughts continually drifting back to Ellen and everything we had shared, everything I had risked now that Che was my girlfriend and everything Ellen had risked with Nat. Despite everything that was teetering on the edge ready to crash down around me, I couldn't seem to stop myself reliving every delicious moment over and over again.

    I decided to do a shift at the restaurant to take my mind off things. I was stood on the bar with Louise doing the stock count when my phone beeped. I stopped talking with Louise mid sentence as I picked it up and read the text message. A brief moment of dissapointment caused my brow to crease and my stomach to churn when I realised it wasn't Ellen.
    I stopped listening to what Louise was prattling on about, lost in my own thoughts whilst I half heartedly read the message from Che.

    "What are you so distracted by?" She said smirking.

    I looked up at her briefly retuning my gaze almost immediately to my phone, "none of your business". I glared.

    Before I knew it, Louise had grabbed my phone from me and preceded to read out the text message Che had sent me.

    "Hey gorgeous, been shopping today and bought a little something I thought you'd enjoy for Monday. Lily is going out for dinner with my sister later so i can ring you for an adult conversation, if you know what I mean. ;-) love you xXx".

    Louise jumped out of my grasp several times as I tried to grab her or my phone. She broke into an equally big grin, "you and Che? Why didn't you say anything?"

    I grabbed my phone back and focused on it avoiding her gaze, "because I'm still just enjoying it myself and it feels fragile somehow".

    "Mmmmhhmmm certainly seems like you are enjoying it, judging by those messages".

    I rolled my eyes and replied to Che's message ignoring Louise. Louise continued to grin at me for the rest of my shift. As it neared the time Che said she would call I started to get jittery constantly checking the clock. Louise noticed and grabbed the paperwork I was working on and said with a grin, "go home and call your girlfriend, i'll finish up here".

    I jumped up and kissed her forehead, "thanks Lou, you're the best!"

    I grabbed my keys and my jacket and headed home, ready for when Che called me. Her call came through right on time and we spent the remainder of the night talking. I couldn't wait to see her on the Monday.

    I decided to make a real effort for Che's return. If I couldn't be with Ellen, I decided that I needed to throw myself into my relationship with Che. I went shopping to get the ingredients for her favourite meal. I Created the perfect playlist on my I pod. I lit a load of candles to create the right mood and got a couple of bottles of wine in that I knew she liked.

    I counted down the minutes until she was due to arrive. I was busy in the kitchen cooking up a storm when she rang the doorbell in her usual childlike way. I smiled, dropped what I was doing and headed to the door. As soon as I opened it she jumped into my arms and buried her face in my neck. I breathed her in deeply taking in her familiar scent, letting it overwhelm me. Her hands desperately grasped my back as she wrapped her legs around my hips. I walked backwards holding her up as I shut the door. She pulled her head out of the nook in my neck and cupped my face with her hands, "I've missed you so fucking much!"
    She breathlessly uttered, her eyes burning into mine as she closed her lids and hungrily kissed me, her tongue searching out mine. I couldn't get enough of her, I just couldn't get close enough. She finally slid down my body placing her feet firmly on the floor as she gently pulled away. She lazily opened her eyes and smiled, "Hi".

    "Hi yourself". I said as I kissed her again. A whole weekends worth of pent up frustration flooding out of both of us.

    Once we finally got the immediate passion out of our systems she pulled away and looked at me eyes twinkling, "Something smells good, what are we having?"

    I gave her a run down of the menu and she helped me in the kitchen. Once everything was ready we sat down to eat. She told me all about her weekend away while we ate. I watched her carefully as she waxed lyrical about how terrible the concert was and how boy bands like that were ruining music and causing the moral degradation of youth. As soon as our plates were cleared her hands were on me again, more urgent this time.

    She settled herself on my chair in my lap as she kissed me fiercely. After a few minutes I lifted her up and we made our way clumsily up the stairs to my room.
    We lost ourselves in each others bodies everything else melted away into insignificance. All that mattered to me was her, or at least that's what I tried to convince myself.

    I lay next to her in the dim gloom of the bedroom, the moonlight cascading over the bare curves of her hips. She had drifted off into a restful sleep but I was still too wired. Flashes of what Ellen and I had done together continued to plague my thoughts, a relentless cruciendo threatening to ruin everthing. If Che found out, I was sure she would leave me.

    I felt like an imposter, like I had lured che to me under false pretences, yet somehow I couldn't seem to stop myself looking at her. I had spent so long wanting her, and wanting to be with her and there I was lying next to her as my girlfriend. I was overcome with a wave of guilt with the knowledge that she was no longer my first choice, Ellen had stolen that position from her in my heart. I wished that I could change the fact, but I knew it was pointless. I just had to make the best of my very messed up lot.

    I let my hand trail down over the nape of Che's neck, along her waist finally coming to rest on her hips. I leant in and placed a tender kiss on her shoulder. She stirred in my arms turning to pull me into her embrace as she sleepily whispered into my ear, "go to sleep Lex".

    She pulled me tightly against her keeping her arms around me protectively. I finally succumbed and drifted off into a restless sleep.

    I woke up the next morning with hazy sunshine filtering through the window panes. I lay there lazily transfixed by the dust motes dancing in the stream of sunlight as Che lay next to me in a hazy pool of sunshine her arm draped across me. I allowed myself to bask in the feelings of being in her arms as her girlfriend. A fact I was still struggling to come to terms with.

    I decided to get up and go and make breakfast. I expertly extricated myself from her arms without waking her. I put on a t shirt and padded downstairs to the kitchen.

    I loaded the coffee machine with coffee beans and water then examined the contents of my fridge and cupboards deciding on French toast and fruit for breakfast. I knew Che was due in work for 8:30am so I wanted to make sure she ate before leaving. I quickly prepared a packed lunch for her to take to work with her knowing she wouldn't have time to pick anything up from her place. I packed up her lunch and placed a small soppy note telling her I loved her amongst the brown paper packages.
    As i flipped the French toast in the pan Che snaked her arms around my waist placing her head on my shoulder. "Morning gorgeous." She uttered whilst kissing my neck sleepily.
    I turned in her arms to face her placing a soft kiss on her lips, "morning, sit down, its ready".
    She kissed me quickly again before turning and heading to the table to sit down. I smiled to myself as I took in her attire, my sweat pants hung low on her hips with a vest top that failed to meet the waistband exposing her taut stomach muscles. She smiled as she caught me watching her knowing her choice of clothing was one of my weaknesses.
    I refocused myself and plated up her breakfast. Once we had finished she pulled me up, "come on, shower with me before I have to leave for work?"
    "ok, but you might not make it into work". I said whilst flashing her my best seductive smile.
    She grinned against my mouth as she kissed me pushing me backwards towards the stairs in the direction of my bathroom.

    She finally left for work with the promise that she would call me that night.
    I headed into work myself with a content smile etched on my face. I walked straight into the office and into Louise's appraising eyes. An enquiring smirk spread over her features as she took in my unusual happy demeanour. She leaned back in the office chair as she continued to stare me out.
    "Why are you looking at me like that? you creep!"
    Louise ignored my insult and probed, "So......good night was it?"
    "Grow up Lou!"
    "I'll take that as a yes then, lots of hot sex, huh?"
    "Uhgh, Louise, no, no, just no! I'm not doing this with you".
    "Aww come on, I'm married and pregnant again, we don't have sex anymore. Let me live vicariously."
    I turned and looked at her rolling my eyes and shaking my head in disapproval, "some things are just private and my sex life with my girlfriend is one of those things!"
    She grinned in triumph, "so there IS a sex life for you to want to keep private? So are you and Che like officially a proper real life committed couple now?"
    "Yes, we are.....happy now?!"
    "Thrilled". She laughed as she passed me grasping my shoulders from behind. She leaned in and placed a kiss on my cheek, "you look happy Lex, it's really nice to see".
    I finished my shift and headed home to call Che. She answered on the 5th ring. "Hey, you coming over?"
    "Lex, I'd love to but I can't, I've got so much work to catch up on. Lesson plans, marking and other paperwork."
    "Oh, well, when can I see you?" I said dejected.
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    "Tomorrow night?"
    "Ok, love you".
    "I love you too babe, I've got to go.....see you tomorrow, yeah?"
    "Yeah". I hung up the phone feeling deflated. I started to worry that things weren't perhaps as rosey as I had hoped. I forced myself to focus on the fact I would see her the following night.

    I was at a loss for what to do so I decided I needed to talk to Ellen and clear the air. I reached for my phone and dialled her number. As expected she ignored my call. I hung up the line annoyed that she was blanking me. I grabbed my keys and headed over to her place to confront her. I stood nervously on her front step and rang the bell.

    She answered after a few minutes, "oh, it's you".
    She let the door swing free as she padded her way back to the living room. It was littered with take away boxes and empty beer and whiskey bottles. "You look like shit El!"
    "So?" She said avoiding my eyes, bitterness dripping from her tone
    "We need to talk about what happened".
    "What's to talk about, it was a mistake. we...I mean I shouldn't have done it".
    She had scored a direct hit confirming my worst fears. My heart clenched in my chest and I grabbed a bag of M&M's off the table to mask my feelings I felt for sure were evident on my face. I chucked a handful of M&M's as nonchalantly as I could muster into my mouth and shrugged. "Shit happens", I said whilst crunching on the chocolate. I then added, "I'm no stranger to being used. And, If it helps I was an awful friend and I acted selfishly. I just don't want it to ruin our friendship".
    She looked at me through puffy red eyes, "I won't let it, you are too important to me Lex! I meant what I said, I do love you"
    "Hhhhmmmm, good. So when's she back?"
    "Tomorrow, she text me before and said her and the baby will be back tomorrow night so I need to decide what I want."
    I met her gaze head on and the enormity of everything we did hit me full force. "Do you know what you're going to do?"

    Tears spilled from her eyes as she wrapped her own arms around her own body in an attempt to comfort herself as her body was wracked with sobs. I stood frozen to the spot unable to go towards her to offer the comfort I so desperately wanted to give her.

    "Look, Lex, I'm sorry, I really am. I meant what I said that night, I really do love you. I've been thinking about everything and I can't leave Nat."
    I shrugged again, "look, it's fine. I'm clever enough to know it meant nothing to you apart from a distraction. I know it meant far more to me than it did to you".
    A heavy thick silence clung to the air like fog. She shook her head in disagreement once again overcome with tears.

    "Right you lazy bitch, we best get this shit hole tidied up then hadn't we. Can't have her coming back to this pig pen!"
    I helped her tidy her house in preparation for Nat and the babies return.

    Once we had finished cleaning up she stood looking at me uncertain, "I'm going to have to tell her what I did".
    I slapped her round the back of the head playfully, "don't fucking tell her you cretin. It will only hurt her, it is her that you want, you were just upset".
    She nodded uncertainty clouding her features, "I'm shit scared Lex."

    "I know, but you'll be fine. I know you will". I took hold of her hand and squeezed it in an attempt to reassure her. I then dropped my wall and pulled her arm bringing her close. I held her tight, my head tucked in to the nook of her neck. I breathed in her scent deeply and squeezed her tighter desperate to convey my unspoken feelings.

    I reluctantly pulled away after what felt like an eternity in her arms. Yet somehow, I realised, it would never be quite long enough. I told her to call me if she needed anything. I headed home and replayed everything over in my head mentally kicking myself for my shitty mistakes.

    The next night I picked Che up from work. As she got into the car I leant over to kiss her. "Lex, don't the kids might see". She turned her head and grasped my hand and squeezed it out of sight, "sorry, but you know what kids are like, I have to work with them".
    "Right, yeah, sorry". I said slightly annoyed.
    "Lex, don't be like that!" She pulled my hand into her lap and squeezed it again. I pulled my hand away, put the car into first and sped off down the road. It was happening again, she was still ashamed to be with me. We drove in silence for the first 10 minutes. She finally broke the deafening silence, "I missed you".

    My resolve softened as I glanced at her a smile breaking through my defiance. "I missed you too". I sighed.
    We finally pulled up at my place and we spent the evening cooking dinner together. My worries were misplaced as she teased me mercilessly. She exploited any opportunity to touch me sending my hormones into overdrive.
    We ate the meal that we had prepared then I pulled her towards the lounge. I flopped down on the sofa and pulled her down on top of me. We spent the remainder of the evening cuddled up kissing. Things gradually heated up and our clothes were quickly shed. It rapidly escalated to sex. Some time later we both fell against each other our breathing laboured. We lay there silently luxuriating in the feel of being in each others arms. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't stop myself making the comparison between how it felt to lie in Ellen's arms compared to Che's. The reality caused a relentless ache in my chest with a need that could not be fulfilled. Che eventually lifted her head from my chest and spoke, breaking though my own tormenting thoughts, her voice husky, "what time is it?"
    I grabbed my phone and checked the time, "it's half eleven".
    "Shit!". She exclaimed.
    "I've got to go". She stated while throwing her clothes back on rapidly.
    "I've got some work to do for tomorrow".
    "Oh, well, stay, do it here?" I said hopefully as I let my fingers trail down her back. I didn't want to be alone, that would have allowed my thoughts to take over.
    She sighed deeply, "Lex, I can't....I can't work here, with you, being all distracting and stuff. I'd never get anything done".
    I pulled her towards me into my arms and kissed her, "I won't distract you, I promise, stay with me, please?".
    She kissed me back, falling against me for a few minutes then regained her composure, "you're already doing it now".
    I looked at her with mock annoyance on my face, "Fine, use me then leave.....am sure I can find some way to amuse myself". I raised my eyebrows and smirked as I stood up naked pulling on my top and underwear, my eyes never leaving hers.
    She looked at me hungrily and sighed, "that's not fair".
    I grinned, "honey, life isn't fair!"
    I leant down and kissed her deeply, "coming out with Al and Jo at the weekend?"
    "Yeah". She said whilst letting her hands wander over my body.
    "No, no, you have work to do!" I kissed her again and she headed off towards the front door in an exagerated sulk.
    I headed back to the sofa and settled myself back into the cushions. I absently flicked through the endless channels not really taking in what was on the screen.
    My doorbell rang out making me jump. Che must have forgotten something I thought. I jumped up and jogged to the door swinging it open, "you forget something beautiful?"
    Panic spread throughout my body as I took in the sight of Nat stood on my step, her stoney features set into a hard frown. So different from her usual warm friendly face.
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    "We need to talk!" She exclaimed angrily as she pushed passed me into the lounge.
    "Please, come in!" I jibed sarcastically.
    My stomach plummeted through the floor. She told her I thought to myself, I should have predicted this. I deserved exactly what was heading my way. I met her eyes head on. "Nat, I'm sorry".
    She brought her arm up and swiped her palm full force against my cheek knocking my head sideways. My cheek stung and prickled where she had made contact. I turned to face her not allowing any reaction to register. She picked the wrong girl if she was looking for some sign that what she had done had hurt. I was well practiced at hiding my reactions to pain. I barely blinked and she eyed me suspiciously.
    "I don't want to hear your fucking sorry's". She exclaimed angrily.

    "how fucking dare you sit there and feed me your bullshit. You are NOT sorry. Don't insult my intelligence by pretending that you would take it back. You would do it again wouldn't you?"
    I thought for a moment considering her words, turning them over in my mind, "Yes". I said quietly and calmly.
    "So, you aren't fucking sorry then, are you?!".
    "No, I suppose not". I shrugged.
    "You really have no respect for anyone's relationship, do you?"
    I stared at her blankly in complete silence, she was starting to irritate me.
    "What is it with you? Someone is happy in their relationship, they have less than zero interest in you and that just makes them more attractive to you? Do you have some kind of need to punish yourself? Because she will never want you, look at you? You are not even close to being good enough for her!! Why the fuck what she want you, when she has me?!"
    I shook my head and exhaled deeply, "fuck you!"
    She sniggered pleased she was getting under my skin, "Was it good?"
    "Did she make you scream?"
    "Did she make you feel like you never have before? You should hold on to those feelings because that will never happen again. The only way you will ever get my girlfriend is if I no longer want her! So tell me now, was it good?"
    I smiled, annoyed by her incessant questions, her put downs and the way she talked about Ellen as if she were her possession. I snapped speaking low, slow and controlled, "It was SO fucking good!! She had me screaming so fucking loud, you can't even imagine!"
    I wanted to hurt her as badly as she had hurt Ellen, as badly as I was hurting.
    "What the fuck is wrong with you? How can you stand there like you've done nothing wrong? You slept with my girlfriend! You are a cold unfeeling bitch. You're just standing there emotionless, what the fuck?!"
    "What the fuck is wrong with me? What the fuck is wrong with you?! How could you do that to the person you supposedly love? Just dump that shit on her and leave her to deal with it alone? She was terrified! I may have been a bad friend and acted selfishly but she needed someone, she needed you, she needed answers and you weren't there to give them to her. I know you had shit to take care of and I'm sorry about your sister, but fucking hell, you could have given her some warning! You blindsided her! You're one selfish fucking bitch! I knew it was wrong but she begged me, I knew I would be the one who ended up hurt but I did it anyway......because......because I love her, I love her so fucking much!"
    She stood staring at me her face beginning to crumple, her eyes welling with tears. She started to cry, violent sobs wracking her body, "I know, I know! I know!! I handled it badly. I'm not angry at you Lex, I'm angry with myself".
    I instantly softened. Crying girls had the instant effect of melting even my worst mood, "Nat, please, don't cry, you guys can fix it. She loves you. I mean nothing to her and that hurts, but I can deal with that as long as she's happy. You mean everything to her, I was just there it could have been anyone. Look, you need to get tested, trust her, she might surprise you. Give her the chance to step up. If she's going to do it, it will be for you".
    She nodded, "I will get tested, I promise. But will you promise me you will look after both of them if its not good news?"

    "That's not going to happen so stop tagging me in to be your replacement. As much as I want to take you up on it, you know nobody can ever replace you in her eyes, not even me with how awesome I am and shit." I grinned at her an she laughed at my bigheadedness then choked out a cry.
    "I'm sorry Lex, it's my fault. I'm sorry if you're hurting. I mean, If all this is hurting you. It's wrong of me to expect you to pick up the peices. I just need to know she will have someone if, well, you know?! I'm still so fucking angry with both of you though"
    I shrugged, "I know you're angry you have every right to be and it doesn't matter how I feel".
    "Where's the baby?" I asked.
    "With Ellen". She laughed.
    I sniggered, "shit!"
    "Well, I guess we will find out if she's going to step up won't we?"
    She nodded tears still flowing down her face. I checked my watch noting the time. "Maybe we leave her to sweat, let them get to know each other? Fancy a drink? And maybe a Kleenex? Because you are all kinds of disgusting right now" I grinned.
    She nodded and laughed through her tears. I handed her a pack of tissues and slid a glass of vodka towards her. She downed it in one and I dutifully refilled her glass. "How do you think they're getting on?"
    She looked over at me eyes bleary, "she's probably terrified, she doesn't have a clue how to look after a baby. I should get back make sure she's ok".
    I refilled her glass and shook my head, "leave her, she will work it out. This will be good for her. It will be good for both of them. Have a little faith in her. She's capable of more than you give her credit for."
    We sat and drank and talked for a few hours trying to patch up our friendship.
    She finally checked her watch a few hours later, "you think they've had enough time yet?"
    I nodded, "enough time for her to sink or swim".
    I called her a taxi and she headed home to her girlfriend and baby. I headed back inside to my empty house, the loneliness enveloping me with only my incessant thoughts of Ellen to keep me company.
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    Nat pulled up in a taxi outside the home she shared with Ellen. She paid the driver and swung open the car door nervousness threatening to take over. The crisp night air greeted her, sobering her instantly. She stood on the doorstep in a pool of hazy streetlight and listened for the babies cry. An eerie ominous silence greeted her as she placed her key into the lock timidly and turned it expectantly.

    The house was cloaked in darkness as she made her way down the hall towards the living room. She noted the glow of the lamp within, leaving a thin chink of light illuminating the closed living room door. She took a deep breath and pushed the door open, her head swimming with the scenes of devastation that would undoubtedly greet her on the other side.
    She glanced around the room taking in the carrier bags full of newly purchased baby supplies, tied up nappy bags, and empty bottles. She choked back the tears as she took in the sight of Ellen lying on the sofa, the baby sleeping soundly on her chest, her hand grasping Ellen's index finger. Nat sat and watched the two most important people in her life sleep soundly, her heart brimming with love for both of them. She blinked back the tears that threatened at the thought of what it would be like to be forced to leave them against her will.

    Ellen finally stirred as if hearing Nat's thoughts. She blinked several times as if not quite believing her eyes, "I didn't think you'd come back".

    Nat ignored her statement, "you two look cosy".

    "She's beautifull". Ellen whispered staring at the baby brimming with pride. "I'm so, so sorry Nat! I....."

    Nat shook her head in disagreement, "it's my fault.....I should have given you time to digest it all. I was selfish. I'm going to get tested, for you, for both of you".

    Tears glistened in Ellen's eyes as she nodded trying to choke back the tears. She looked down at the baby then back at Nat,
    "don't give up on me".

    "Not yet."

    Ellen smiled, relief washing over her, "where did you go?"

    Nat bent down and stroked the sleeping babies hair lovingly, "I went to see Lex".

    "Oh". Ellen whispered timidly, worry creasing her brow.

    Come on let's go to bed, we can talk tomorrow".

    "You aren't leaving?"

    "No, we have a lot to talk about and the trust needs to be rebuilt but I love you, that's all that matters right now".
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    The next day I boxed up all Erin's stuff and typed out a perfunctory text message.
    "Hi Erin, I know we didn't exactly end on good terms and for that I am sorry. I have a box of your things here that I'd like to return to you. Could you let me know when you'll be in so I can drop them round? Or if you don't want to see me, I understand, we can make arrangements for me to leave it somewhere for you. Thanks L."

    I sat and debated whether to click send or not wondering if it was just opening the door for me to get more of her shit thrown at my head. I decided I was being childish and above all else I needed her stuff out of my space. She texted me back almost immediately.

    "I'm home tomorrow from 7pm onwards you can drop it round then. I'd like to talk too, if that's ok, I think I deserve that much at least. E."

    The weekend quickly approached. I hadn't seen Che since Wednesday night when she left my house. I was excited to see her having really missed her.

    Che arrived at my house early. She, as always looked amazing. Her hair seemed unbelievably shiny and I couldn't help but reach out and allow my fingers to run through it. I pulled her into my embrace as my lips grazed her soft neck. My hands slipped under her top caressing the warm skin of her back and hips. She kissed me deeply, intoxicatingly so. The strong desire to pull her upstairs threatened to overwhelm me until Alice and Jo burst noisily through my front door.

    "Wow!! So the rumours are true? You two really are bumping uglies, officially that is? Think you can both put each other down long enough so we can go out?"

    Che and I broke apart a smirk dancing across my face, "aaww Al do you need a hug?" I said mockingly as I pulled her towards me and hugged her.

    She sniggered and wriggled out my arms in an exaggerated manner, "No, no, NO!! I know where you've been!" She exclaimed grinning lopsidedly, "I need a drink, you both ready? Because I've called a taxi"

    We all got into the taxi and I nudged Al in the arm to get her attention, "where are we going then?"
    Jo jumped in before Al could answer, "Vanilla of course, she's trying to get into the blonde on the bar, the one with the cute tattoos".

    I choked with shock, "Lola?"

    "Yeah, why?! Do you KNOW her, like, KNOW her?" Al barked out.

    "Errm, well, I suppose that really depends what you mean by know her know her". I muttered quietly.

    Che was giggling uncontrolably but managed to choke out in between giggles, "oh- that-is-too funny! Al, you clearly have no chance!"

    "Oohhh now you're a fully fledged member of the muff diving squad you've suddenly become the authority on what women want?"

    "Guess I know more than you mate". Che chided.

    Al playfully punched Che in the arm, "well, Jo tells me you have a pretty good idea what women want so I suppose I'm left with no choice but to believe you! Bahahahaha!!!"

    Everyone sniggered apart from Che who lashed back with an acid tongue, "My friend Ellie said you haven't got a fucking clue so I guess you should stop being greedy and stick to men!" She smiled sweetly at Al returning her playful punch to her arm.

    "Touché!" Al said sardonically.

    Our taxi pulled up outside the club and we all filtered out into the street. Che and I headed towards the back of the line when Al shouted over to us, "where the fuck are you two fuckwitts going? Irish Connor is on the door.....straight in.....I work hard to get us this kind of privelage". She said with a wink.

    Che turned to me a confused look etched on her face, "who's Irish Connor? And what does she mean she's worked hard?"
    Al slapped a friendly hand on Che's back, "blow jobs my friend......lots of them!"

    Che and I both gagged as we walked towards Irish Conner. "Lex!! Nice to see ya, you are still my fucking hero by the way".

    I held my hand out and he grabbed it pulling me towards him into a tight embrace. He kissed me on the cheek his designer stubble grating against my face like sand paper. My whole body stiffened. I didn't like being touched unless it was on my terms. But I forced myself to play nice, "hey Connor, long time no see mate".

    "Yeah, well, this one hasnt called me in a while". He said with a cheeky smile.

    Al kissed him deeply then pulled away, "maybe we can get together later and ill see if I can find us a playmate?!"

    A smile spread over Connors face, "that sounds great ill look forward to it, you ladies have a good night now". He winked at me as he un clipped the barrier to let us through into the club to get our hands stamped.

    Che looked at me questioningly, "what does he mean you're his hero".

    "Oh, he, errr, well, he witnessed me do some pretty crazy shit that night after my parents funerals, you don't want to know".

    She smirked, "no, I don't think I do".

    She grasped my hand and we all headed to the bar to get some drinks. Al made a beeline for Lola who grinned warmly as we all approached. "Lex, Al nice to see you guys, who are your friends?!" She shouted over the pumping bass.

    "Lola this is my girlfriend Che and this is Jo a friend of ours".

    She looked at me wide eyed, girlfriend huh? Oh how things change". She smirked eyes twinkling with mischief, "what can I get you guys to drink?"

    We placed our order and the others headed to find a table. I lingered by the bar to speak to Lola.
    She spoke before I could in an amused tone, "girlfriend hey? Our little lex is all grown up!"

    I smiled and looked at Che, "yeah. Listen, my friend Al has a massive crush on you and at the risk of appearing really fucking high school, are you at all interested?"

    She smiled playfully, "well, seeing as though you are off the market then yeah, I'm interested. She's cute. I'll come over and speak with her in a minute".

    "Thanks Lo".

    I took my drink over to the table the others had found.

    "What where you talking to her about". Al said possessiveness dripping from her voice.

    "Me? Oh I just told her you thought she was hot and I asked her if she was interested".

    "You did what?!"

    Lola came over before I had chance to answer. She leant down and whispered in Al's ear just loud enough for us to hear, "I finish in a few hours, do you wanna get out of here and go someplace else?"
    Al tried to feign nonchalance but failed miserably as she nodded enthusiastically. Lola leant in closer still and planted a kiss on Al's lips, "ill come and find you later then".

    She sauntered back to the bar as Al begun hyperventilating, "oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, she's so fucking hot!"
    I started to laugh, "Al, you have no fucking idea mate, you are in for one fun night! Oh, and ditch Irish Connor!"

    Che stood up grabbing my hand, "dance with me". Her tone low and seductive. Her eyes met mine taking them captive. Everyone else in the bar faded away, it was just the two of us. She moved in perfect harmony to the music leaving me mesmerised with the way her body matched the rhythm with fine precision. She smiled at me me knowing the thoughts that were running through my head and responded by pulling my hips towards hers. She held me close and whispered in my ear, "I wish we were alone".

    "Me too". I uttered back pulling her close.

    Al chose that moment to bound up to us. She cut in between us theatrically, "I'm dancing with your girlfriend Lex, I'm bored over there. Jo's met some dark and brooding woman and they're making me want to puke my ring up!"

    "You've got such a romantic way with words Al. You guys want a drink? I'm going the bar?".

    They both gave me their orders and I squeezed my way over to the waiting crowd surrounding the bar. I saw a gap and placed myself in it with my cash in hand waiting to catch Lola's eye. As I waited my thoughts drifted off. Warm hands snaked their way around my waist shaking me from my daze. Somehow they felt different but familiar at the same time. A familiar scent drifted to me and panic took over. Those hands had settled themselves under my t shirt against my bare skin. Those same hands turned me round and the body they were attached to leaned in to kiss me, the words Erin not Che screamed in my mind. So very different from Che. It all unfolded in a split second. Jo and her surly new freind bumped purposely into Erin sending her off balance in her clearly drunken state. She eventually righted herself after several precarious stumbles. She surged forward shouting angrily at Jo, "what the fuck?"

    "Fuck off, you desperado!! Why would you throw the lips on someone who blatantly doesn't want you? You fucking sweaty ball bag!" Jo retorted.

    Che and Al seeing the disturbance headed over to see what was happening. Erin slurred again, "well, she wanted me fine yesterday!" She exclaimed triumphantly.

    Panic spread across my face at her insinuation and I looked wide eyed from Erin to Che my mouth gaping slightly. I hoped to god that Che didn't believe her lies.
    Sheer unadulterated anger flooded Che's face as she stepped forward towards Erin jabbing her finger towards her as she spoke through gritted teeth, "you're fucking tragic! Leave me and my girlfriend alone!"
    Che stepped back and grabbed my hand, "c'mon Lex, we are leaving. There's suddenly an acrid smell in the air".

    Che powered her way through the crowd a determined look on her face. She pushed her way up the stairs as I went to grab the coats we had checked in. I finally reached the top of the stairs and the cold night air enveloped me, a welcomed change from the close muggy heat of the club. I looked around for Che and spotted her crouched down with her back against a wall her head cupped in her hands breathing deeply.

    As i neared her i realised thst she was struggling to catch her breath. She was having a panic attack. I rushed to her side and coached her on her breathing until she gradually started to relax.
    "Im sorry love". She said in almost a whisper. "I just panicked".

    I held her close, "you know she was talking shit to cause us problems don't you?"
    She looked into my eyes tears threatening her own, "yes, I just had a bit of a wobble. I'm ok now".

    I called us a taxi and we went home. She seemed so fragile. I was scared everything was ruined. I held her tight all night and soothed her when she stirred. When we woke the next morning it was like nothing had happened. We carried on as normal and for a while everything seemed to be going well.

    Months passed and our relationship had gone from strength to strength. I felt closer to her than I ever had before.

    My friendship with Ellen and Nat was back on track and I absolutely adored their baby. She was simply beautiful. It warmed my heart to see how naturally Ellen took to motherhood, it made me realise I had done the right thing by taking a step back and allowing Nat and Ellen to work on things. Life was good and I was looking forward to the future.

    That was at least, until things with Che took an unexpected turn for the worse. She begun to spend a lot more time at work. She rarely made time for me using the excuse that she had so much work to do. I filled the void that Che's absence brought by spending more and more time with Ellen, shopping, going for lunch, dinner, drinks and generally messing around.
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    ... wait, no way! The chick from the gym turned out to be bat shit bonkers?! Damn. I can't believe you're still going with this story, defiantly can't say it helped the insomnia lol
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    Starving... Starving....
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    The tension between Ellen and I was still ever present but somehow we managed to keep it at bay. it was only in unguarded moments that I would look into her eyes and be hit with an almost overwhelming sense of yearning need and desire. When those moments hit, I quicky learned to get through them by reminding myself what it would be like to lose her friendship.

    Che's distant behaviour continued for a few weeks. I challenged her on the change and she insisted nothing was wrong and that she had to concentrate on her career and if I didn't like it then I either had to deal with it or reconsider our relationship. The mere thought made my stomach churn with anxiety and sadness.

    I hadn't seen her for more than an hour in nearly two weeks. She had promised to spend the upcoming weekend with me to make it up to me. I was excited at the prospect and had made dinner reservations at her favourite restaurant and I bought her a gift to help with her work. I picked up my phone and dialled her number. She answered after three rings sounding stressed, "hey babe".

    I smiled at the sound of her voice and realised how much I had missed her. "Hey, I'm just ringing to see what time I should pick you up tomorrow for our weekend?"

    "Oh, err, Lex, I, err, well the thing is my uni mates are back from teaching abroad and they want me to go away with them for the weekend. I kind of already promised I'd go. I didn't think you'd mind?!"

    "You have got to be fucking kidding me right!?"

    "Lex, it's not a big deal, I haven't seen them in like six months. I didn't think you would mind."

    "You didn't think I'd mind? Yeah, why the fuck would I mind not seeing my girlfriend for over two weeks?! Why would I mind her making excuse, after excuse, after excuse not to spend ANY fucking time with me?!? Why would I mind you choosing your uni mates over me, after promising me for two weeks that you would spend one measly god damn weekend with me! I'm meant to be greatful for whatever scraps of your time you decide to chuck my way! You know what, WHATEVER!!!! Enjoy your fucking weekend!! I'm done!"

    I ended the call without giving her a chance to reply. I threw my phone down onto the table cracking the screen with the force. I threw myself back on the sofa and rubbed my forehead and eyes, the start of a tension headache threatening. I exhaled deeply in an attempt to calm myself down.
    My phone rang breaking through my thoughts. For a moment I thought it would be Che. I stole a quick glance at the cracked screen noting it wasn't Che, it was Ellen.

    "Hello". I spoke my voice riddled with tension. She didn't seem to notice, excitement clearly evident in her tone.

    "Hey you, we have a babysitter tomorrow, you want to play out?"
    I could hear the levity in her voice and I smiled in spite of myself. I couldn't say no to her especially with her sounding so happy.

    I sighed deeply. "Where are we going? And what time?"

    "Clubbing, about 9?"

    I laughed heartily, "that's early for clubbing?isn't that past yours and Nat's bed time these days?"

    "Fuck off!" She jibed. "I've still got it, I can drink and dance you under the table lady!"

    "If you say so old woman!" I sniggered.

    "You bringing Che?"

    "No" I sighed.

    "It's a long story. I'll explain tomorrow."

    "Oh, ok. Looking forward to it. Thanks Lex."
    I hung up the phone glad that I had plans instead of moping about the Che situation.
    Che text me an hour later. I debated whether I should even open the message or whether I should delete it without reading it. I caved and clicked to open the message.

    "Lex, I'm sorry you feel neglected. I do miss you, but sometimes you smother me and you don't even realise it. I just want some time to myself to think things through. My work is important to me and I need you to understand that or this isn't going to work. I Love you, and I'm sorry about this weekend xCx"

    I quicky texted back, "you're right i'm smothering you, seeing the woman I love once in two weeks is excessive and unreasonable. What-the-fuck-ever! I have plans now anyway, so take all the time you need. If you're lucky, I might still be around if you decide to act like a reasonable, loving girlfriend! Don't bother texting back, I'm not interested in your bullshit!!"

    I threw my phone at the wall in frustration shattering the screen further. I got up and put my workout gear on and went out for a run. On the way home I stopped off to buy a new phone then headed home to eat junk food and watch crappy tv.
    The next morning I laid back on my sofa eyeing the new phone in its box. I was debating whether or not to swap my SIM card over to the new phone and see if Che had texted or called. Curiosity got the better of me. I opened the box and pulled out the new phone and inserted my old SIM card. I plugged the charger in and switched it on. I configured all the settings and once it was set up I placed it down on the arm of the sofa and waited occasionally glancing at it, speaking to myself, my tone defeated, "A watched phone never rings, Lex".

    I let out a long sigh leaving the phone in the lounge as I went to grab a can of coke and a bag of crisps from the kitchen. As I slammed the fridge door shut I heard the familiar message tone beep six times.
    I headed back into the living room and tentatively picked up my phone. One missed call from Che and five text messages. One was from Ellen.

    Che: "Who do you have plans with?! If you can't deal with me wanting to make a success of my career then you aren't the person I thought you were. I want to spend time with you, I do, but you make it so hard sometimes! What happened to the happy go lucky, knows how to have fun, laid back Lex that I fell in love with?"

    The next text had a jealous tone.

    Che: "Don't ignore me Lex, who are you going out with?!"

    Che: "Stop ignoring me! It's so fucking childish!"

    Che: "Maybe, just maybe, I have been distant lately because I know what you did! It makes me sick to my stomach to think of her in your bed the night before we got together! And I bet that's who you're going out with isn't it? I think maybe we should take a break."

    My stomach plummeted bile rising from my gut. I checked the time stamp on the last text noting that it was twelve hours ago. I decided to reply.

    "firstly, it's not nice to be ignored is it? Secondly, we weren't together and I had no way of knowing that we would ever be, given I never get what I want where you are concerned. Thirdly, yes I'm going out with Ellen and Nat. Fourthly, Happy, laid back fun Lex is going out tonight! Lastly, fine if you want to take a break go the fuck ahead!"
    I exhaled deeply and opened the message from Ellen.

    "I'm so excited about tonight!!!! See you soon xxx"
    I smiled in spite of myself at Ellen's words. I turned my phone off and shoved it onto a drawer in the coffee table. I headed upstairs to take a shower and get myself ready for my night out with Ellen and Nat. I decided to make a real effort, mostly to piss Che off. I knew there would be pictures of the night that would find their way onto Facebook and I wanted to make sure I looked damn good.

    I pulled up into their driveway and walked up to their door a confident coldness surrounding me. Nat swung the door open her bright blue eyes meeting mine, "WOW! Lex, you look hot! What's the occasion?"
    I eyed her sullenly, "you saying I look like shit on any other occasion?"
    She sniggered, "no, not at all but Christ, you have made an extra special effort". Doubt crept into her eyes and it was almost as if she thought it was for Ellen's benefit.

    "Chill the fuck out, its not for her! I'm trying to make my girlfriend jealous. And what better way to do that than attract the attention of a load of hot drunken girls?"

    Nat smiled at the childishness of it, "why are you trying to make Che jealous?"

    I rolled my eyes and waved my hand in dismissal, "no doubt i'll tell you later when I'm drunk and feeling sorry for myself".

    "That bad huh?"

    Ellen started her descent of the stairs shouting down to us, "what's bad?"
    She eventually caught sight of me missing her footing on the stairs and stumbling, "holy fuck! What's got you looking so awesome and shit?"

    I let out a snigger, "smooth El, real smooth!"

    "Lex is trying to make Che jealous for some reason". Nat spoke with a grin.
    Ellen turned her head to one side and flashed me an enquiring smile, "why are you trying to make her jealous?"

    "Because we are on a break, because she doesn't want to spend any of her precious time with me!"
    Ellen's deep brown enquiring eyes met mine. The intensity of her gaze shook me to my core as her eyes seem to burn through me to my very soul. For one brief moment I was sure I detected the faintest hint of happiness in her eyes at my news, which immediately flickered to the same look I saw in her eyes the night we were together, a blinding, burning passion and desire. I had to look away, the intensity in her golden brown eyes shook me, visibly so.
    I shrugged as a means of deflection, avoiding her eyes, "I figured her seeing she might lose me might wake her up. Probably not though, she probably won't even care". I slumped down onto the sofa feeling defeated, sighing deeply.
    Nat sat down next to me handing me a drink as she placed her arm around my shoulders, "Of course she will care, you look HOT! She will be green with envy".

    Nat downed her drink, "Come on then, lets go. I want to drink until I almost puke, dance all night, then....." Her words trailed off as she smirked seductively at Ellen.

    "Uuuurrrghhhh if you two are going to be all couple-ey I'm leaving now, I'm not playing gooseberry while you two make sexy eyes at each other!" I spoke in a mock disgusted tone.
    Nat rolled her eyes, "You mrs, are coming out with us whether you like it or not!"

    They both grabbed me by the arms and dragged me up.
    "Didn't know you two liked it rough!" I sniggered.

    "You kiss your mother with that mouth?" Ellen jibed back.

    "No, she's dead!" I said with a laugh. A deadly silence filled the room.

    "Lex, I, errr, shit! Sorry. I've got a big mouth". She nervously tried to navigate her own foot out of her mouth.

    "Uuurrrghhh relax, jesus! Lets go get shit faced! Might loosen you two uptight fuckers up a bit".

    "Uptight?!" Ellen spat.

    "Yeah, uptight! You've both probably never done anything naughty in your whole lives!"

    "Sounds like a challenge that Lex?"

    I grinned mischievously, "if you like!" I commented nonchalantly.
    I looked out of the window noticing headlights shining through the window. "Come on, taxi's here".
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    We took the taxi into town and headed to Ellen's and my favourite bar for drinks before we headed to a club.
    We took a table in a prime location within a perfect distance from the bar and the entrance. I sat down and surveyed the crowd whilst Ellen got the first round in. All the usual suspects were there. It was difficult to shake the sense that sitting here, taking in the crowd and what they had to offer was predatory.
    Ellen returned from the bar laiden with drinks. As she sat she handed me my glass a smirk dancing across her face, "shopping?" She joked, the faintest hint of jealousy lingering in her eyes.
    I returned her smirk, "maybe, can't be doing with listening to the sound of you two fucking later. You know what they say, if you cant beat em..."

    Ellen's smile faltered as her eyes burned through mine again. A hazy, dazed expression then filled her features as it became strikingly obvious she was thinking, not about Nat, but about the night we shared and everything we did together.
    "Looks like someone is trying to get your attention over there Lex". Nat gestured with her head towards the other corner of the bar.

    I looked over her shoulder towards the girl she gestured to. My stomach sank, "Shit! Shit! Shit!" I hissed as I slid down in my seat.

    Ellen started to giggle, clearly shaken from her daze, "what? Someone you don't want to see?!"

    "Thats justine boyd....She cries during sex. The cheese has well and truly slid off her cracker!"

    "She what?! She cries? On a one night stand?!" Ellen laughed. "Oh this is just too good!"

    "Don't look now but she's coming over". Nat burst out into a fit of giggles.
    I reached out and grabbed Nat's arm and pulled her towards me. She fell into my lap and I looked briefly at Ellen, "I'm borrowing your mrs, its your penance for laughing so hard!"
    I looked into Nat's eyes as if she was the only person in the room. I dropped my mouth to her ear and whispered, "Play along, please?!"

    She glanced over her shoulder and spoke to Ellen, "sorry babe".
    She leaned in close looking into my eyes a ghost of a smirk touching her lips.
    I felt justine's presence at our table. Just as she was about to speak, Nat closed the remaining distance between us shocking me as she touched her lips to mine confidently.
    Her lips parting her tongue searching for mine. Her body melted in to mine her hands on my neck moving into my hair. She was a good kisser and that surprised me. I forgot who I was kissing and went with it. My hands slipped up from her hips up her back under her shirt. I leaned forward in an attempt to close what little distance still existed between us. A soft moan escaped her lips then Ellen cleared her throat exaggeratedly, "ahem, that's quite enough of that, she left 30 seconds ago. Mate, get the fuck off my girlfriend!"

    I pulled away, Nat met my eyes a dazed expression flooding her face. A smile slowly crept up to her mouth as she lifted herself off my lap dragging her eyes away focusing instead on Ellen who was gazing at the two of us a slightly perturbed expression on her face as she spoke, "that wasn't cool!"

    I hadn't for one moment intended to kiss Nat I planned only to whisper in her ear to emulate a lovers embrace of sorts. It was then that I realised Nat was playing games with Ellen, she was making her pay for what we did by making her jealous. I shook those feelings and thoughts off, desperate to enjoy the rest of the night
    I stood up to make my way to the bar. I clapped my hand on Ellen's shoulder as I passed, "your girlfriend is a good kisser, seriously, well done!" I joked.

    Nat laughed then immediately stood up, "I'm just going to go outside and ring the babysitter check everything's ok, I'll be back in a bit."

    Ellen smiled at Nat as she passed noting the anxiety about leaving the baby that lay in her eyes. She reached out and squeezed Nat's hand gently as she passed by.

    Ellen turned in my direction and shouted over her drinks order then added, "on second thoughts I'll help you carry them over, your hands aren't as good as mine". She sniggered.

    As she approached my skin prickled in anticipation. She placed her hand against my lower back the thin material of my top the only barrier. As she stood next to me, leaning against the bar she eyed me suspiciously before speaking softly, "I didn't like that.....you kissing her like that".

    I sniggered, "relax I have no designs on your girlfriend! And for the record, I didn't kiss her, she kissed me"

    "No, I mean, I didn't like you kissing someone else."
    Our drinks appeared in front of us at the bar. I quickly and silently handed over the cash before scooping two of them up and turning back towards our seats, glancing quickly over my shoulder at her, "I'm single now, I can do what I want, you on the other hand.... are not, and therefore can't!" I spoke poingiantly.

    She sat down opposite me meeting my gaze again. A seductive smile lingering across her features. I rolled my eyes and downed my drink then picked up the drink I had got for Natstarting on that desperate for any distraction, "Where's Nat?"
    "Calling the babysitter. Want to dance with me?"

    I raised my eyebrows, "do you really think that's a good idea?"

    "No.....but it'll be fun". She grinned.

    She stood up quickly grabbing my drink which she placed back on the table before pulling me towards the dance floor.
    I stood rigid unable to move for fear of allowing my true feeling to show. She smiled knowingly grasping my forearms lightly, "lighten up Lex, dance with me". She pleaded.

    She took my hand in hers and twirled me round in a circle, her laughter ringing out.
    "See, you can do it."

    My resolve faltered and I returned her smile as the song changed seamlessly the beat rattling in my chest, "I fucking love this song!" I breathlessly shouted above the music.
    I closed my eyes and moved my body in time with the music. I opened my eyes and was confronted with Ellen's deep brown glare appraising me. She moved closer her arm slipping round my waist resting on my lower back as she leant in her mouth close to my ear as she spoke, "That's more like it".

    Ellen's eyes held mine captive as I continued to dance. I moved my arms above my head and spun around, I almost lost my footing as someone slammed into me. Ellen reached out her hands to steady me as my body pressed up against hers. She held my hips with her hands whilst holding my gaze intensely. She closed the last few inches kissing me softly, pulling my hips tightly against hers. Her lips parted as she caressed my tongue with hers. My hormones raged within me, my pulse racing and my breathing uneven. My heart wanted me to pull her closer and give myself over completely to her but my head wanted distance, the two duelled incessantly until finally my head won. I fiercely pushed her away stumbling backwards. I held her eyes captive, hurt strikingly evident on my face. "Don't!" I hissed.

    I slipped away into the throngs of people and got myself another drink before shakily returning to my seat. I took a long swallow of my vodka to settle myself noting that my hand was shaking violently. Nic sat down across from me stowing her phone into her pocket observing my shaken appearance.
    "You ok?" She smiled warmly.

    I returned her gaze weakly, "no, my glass is empty." I forced myself to smile.

    We all took it in turns to go up to the bar. I rapidly became very drunk and felt the sudden urge to dance. I stood up quickly, Ellen and Nat looked at me questioningly. "Come on drink up, I want to dance!"

    They sat and stared at me seeming not to have heard me, "uurrgghh come on! Lets go, let's go!"
    They both stood up and we headed for the stairs. They shrugged their jackets on and we walked around the corner to my favourite club. It felt like my second home. Since my parents died I'd spent a great deal of my time there picking up girls in an attempt to escape from the feelings of guilt, anger and regret that plagued me.

    As we walked towards the club my heart began to sing as the deep pounding bass spilled out the doors filling my body leaving a vibrating rattling in my chest. Excitement surged through me and I knew the perfect way to put my heartache aside was to pick up a girl and take her home and lose myself and my pain in her. I grabbed Ellen and Nat's hands and pulled them quicker towards the entrance. We skipped the line and headed straight for the bouncer at the rope. "Hey, Ste. Long time no see mate". I said as I pulled him in for a hug.

    He smiled broadly at me, "Lex, it's been so quiet with out you, where you been at girl?"
    I shrugged, "got myself a girlfriend who wouldn't let me play out".

    He laughed deeply, "take it you sorted that shit out?"

    I nodded half heartedly. He grinned again revealing two lines of perfect bright white teeth glittering in the moon light, "there will be plenty of women in there pleased to hear that. You and your friends head straight in mate. You's have a good night now".

    "Thanks Ste". I leant in and placed a kiss on his cheek then pulled Ellen and Nat behind me down the steps. They checked their coats in then followed the sound of the ever pounding bass line. The strobe lights projected a hazy light illuminating all of my possible targets. Ellen bought us some drinks and we headed into the throngs of women.

    It wasn't long before we all became incredibly drunk. A few girls approached me and moved in to kiss me. I let myself go with it wholeheartedly. None of them really stirred anything within me so I quickly extricated myself and instead clung to either Ellen or Nat which seemed to get rid of the girls I had no interest in. It was cold and unfeeling but I didn't care.
    The music pounded and we, all three of us, continued to dance into the small hours of the morning. Nat pulled me towards her and danced up against me, Ellen behind her. She pulled both of us close and spoke as loudly as she could into our ears to be heard above the music, "you guys want to get out of here?"

    I nodded feeling tired and once again grabbed their hands and pulled them tiredly behind me out of the crowds of people. We reached street level the cold air hitting us. We joined the line for a taxi and stood in the chilling night air shivering. I started to jump on the spot to try and warm myself up when Nat pulled me towards her and wrapped her jacket around both herself and me.

    "This is what you get Lex for choosing style over practicality".
    I smirked playfully, "not half bad actually".

    I was rewarded with a light punch to the arm as Ellen said with mock annoyance, "that's my girlfriend you are leering at!"
    I laughed still very hazy from the alcohol, "and she would be my girlfriend instead if I wanted her to be". I squeezed Nat's hand to let her know I was only playing. They both started laughing, "you're a bad girl Lex". Ellen sighed clearly trying to hide her annoyance.

    We reached the front of the taxi line as the next one pulled up. We all climbed in and Ellen turned to me, "you coming back to ours Lex? We've got beer if you want to have a few more?"
    "Sure why not, nobody waiting for me at home". I spoke an air of sadness to my tone.

    We got back to their place and Nat popped the lids on three beers. She handed me one whilst sitting down on the sofa next to me. She turned to face me her legs crossed tilting her head in an enquiring fashion, "So, what's the deal with Che? You must have kissed at least 20 women tonight".

    "We are on a break, she suggested it, and as we all know women suggest a break when they want to split up or sleep around. So she doesn't want to be with me anymore". I sighed.

    "Why though". Ellen spoke after taking a long swallow of her beer.

    I shrugged, "she was avoiding spending any time with me. Blaming her work but I don't know, I just think she isn't as keen when she gets what she wants. I shouldn't have to beg my girlfriend to spend time with me".
    Nat rubbed my arm in an attempt to comfort me, "is there someone else?"
    I shrugged again, "I don't know, I don't think so.....she promised she would spend this weekend with me, I haven't seen her in two weeks......then I rang her to finalise our plans and she said she was going away with her uni mates and I had to deal with it". Tears slowly crept down from my eyes as I was unable to hold them back anymore.
    Nat looked at Ellen sadness in her eyes at how badly I was hurting as she pulled me towards her wrapping her arms around me into a tight embrace. I pulled myself together and straightened myself up. "It just hurts, I love her and she just doesn't care, I shouldn't have to fight this hard for my girlfriends attention".

    They both went quiet then Ellen broke the tension in the room, "plus, that's two weeks without sex, no wonder you are grouchy all the time!"

    I laughed in spite of myself and downed the last of my beer and spoke drunkenly slurring my words slightly, "that's a true story, if i drink much more I'd hump your leg if you stood still long enough! Speaking of, another beer?"

    "Sure, got to love a bit of dry humoing". Ellen sniggered as she held up her empty bottle

    "Count me in". Nat passed me her empty bottle too.
    I stumbled out to the kitchen and grabbed three bottles from the fridge, popped the lids then made my way back through to the lounge unsteadily. As I entered I noted the sound of hurried angry whispers, "am I interrupting?" I asked enquiringly.
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    Ooh! Exciting!
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    OMG, I want more of this! It's awesome to read.
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    You ever had a threesome Lex?" Nat asked ignoring my question.

    I frowned wondering where this was headed. As I handed them each their drinks I noted Ellen's face was fixed into a firm troubled frown. I sat down trying to buy myself time to think, "erm, yeah once or twice, high as a kite mind you!"
    "Why do you ask? Have either of you two?"

    They both shook their heads. I quickly changed the subject and we carried on talking until the small hours. I looked up at the clock and stretched, "suppose we best get some sleep huh? You guys mind if I crash here? I won't get in your way just go about your usual business" I grinned placing air quotes around the word business and followed it up with a wink.

    Nat shoved me in the arm, "of course you're staying here. Come on I'll get you some towels and something to sleep in".

    I followed them upstairs and Nat handed me towels out of the cupboard and placed them on the sideboard, "there's fresh towels incase you want a shower in the morning. Ellen, go grab her a t shirt to sleep in". Nat ordered.
    Ellen paused briefly nervousness clouding her expression, "The bed sheets are fresh, I changed them yesterday. I'll go get you a shirt". Ellen muttered.

    Nat waited until Ellen had left the room speaking tentatively yet urgently, "Would you do it again?"
    "Do what?" I asked whilst taking off my watch.

    Nat looked at me nervously, "A threesome?"

    I glanced up at her quickly and placed my watch on the bedside table playing for time.
    "Erm, I suppose I wouldn't be adverse to it, depends on the situation". I said nonchalantly sitting down on the bed appraising her.

    I met her expectant gaze, "why do I feel like you are trying.... really badly I might add.... to put the moves on me?" I smiled broadly at her unpracticed pick up technique.

    Ellen chose that moment to return tossing me a t shirt, her eyes darting between Nat and myself desperately trying to get a read on what was happening.

    Nat loomed above me meeting my gaze again. She looked at Ellen and then back at me. She held out her hand and touched the side of my face with her finger tips. "You deserve better than her, you know?"

    I forced an uncomfortable smile onto my face and nodded biting my lower lip trying to work out how to proceed.
    "Would you do it again.......with us".

    Ellen's mouth hung open in shock, her eyes fixed like a deer caught in the headlights, "No Nat, I told you No!! Why do you never listen to me?!"

    She pulled Ellen towards her and spoke softly, a possessive edge to her voice, "I want to do this, are you really going to refuse me, after everything you did? You both owe me this much at least."
    Nat pulled Ellen close her eyes set in a persuasive glare. She leant in closer still and kissed Ellen deeply, possessively so.
    I watched them intently, desperately trying to supress the intense feelings of jealousy and hurt I felt. I watched how their lips moved against eachother in perfect harmony ignoring the pain radiating from my chest. They were both beautiful and together they looked scorchingly hot. I felt my skin prickle with anticipation as I squashed the hurt. Heat began to permeate the surface. I watched their hands travel over each others skin brushing under their clothing. My fingertips began to tingle and I bit my bottom lip again, my tell tale sign that I was nervous.

    She was guilt tripping us into this, both Ellen and I bound to do as she asked due to our desperate need to put things right.
    Nat pulled away then pushed Ellen towards me. Ellen's eyes were fixed with terror at the prospect of having to touch me in front of Nat.

    "Big, bad, Lex is nervous?!" Nat jibed.

    "I'm....I'm not nervous". I stuttered.

    The truth be told I was terrified, terrified of allowing my true feelings for Ellen to show.
    I paused momentarily my eyes locking on Ellen's. She leant in closer reluctantly pulling me towards her by my belt hooks on my jeans. She pressed her lips to mine firmly leaning her body close, I nearly let myself be drawn in towards her. She was clearly holding back, her kiss stiff and uncharacteristically cold. I pulled away quickly, my eyes burrowing into Ellen's. I grabbed Nat instead. It felt safer to kiss her. I pulled her top quickly over her head allowing my hands to slide over her bare skin. I walked her backwards towards the bed the tingle in my fingers subsiding as if they had got what they craved. I eased her down onto the bed pulling my own shirt swiftly over my head discarding it in a heap on the floor. Nat reached for Ellen and pulled her with us.

    **follow link below for deleted scene**


    Nat rested her head against Ellen's chest her arm draping protectively over Ellen's stomach. I lay on my back my left arm tucked behind my head my right arm on my stomach fingers splayed across my belly. I gazed up at the ceiling deep in thought then glanced to the side at Nat and Ellen caught up in their lovers embrace. I turned onto my side pulling the sheets across myself averting my gaze. I didn't want to look at them lovingly soothing each other, I couldn't watch someone else holding Ellen like that. Anxiety settled in the pit of my stomach my sudden sobriety hitting me, I had just ruined any chance of fixing things with Che by letting myself get caught up in Nat's selfish agenda. I had ruined any chance of having what they have with each other. If she didn't find out by some other means, I would have to tell her. The thought filled me with dread. I fell asleep long after they did, all bundled up on a small section of the bed careful not to touch either of them, for what purpose I did not know. I drifted off into a restless sleep my mind full of everything yet nothing at all.

    "No! No......please, I can't," I cried, arms flailing at my sides. Nat sat bolt upright next to me watching my movements, beads of sweat rolling down my brow and neck my arms and legs flailing.
    Ellen sat up quickly too, "what, what's wrong".

    "She's having a nightmare". Nat spoke softly.

    I woke with a start, breathing deeply, rubbing my eyes. "Shit!"
    "You...okay sweetheart?" Nat asked hesitantly.

    "Erm....yeah, yeah...I'm sorry. Just....just a dream." I said, a solitary tear rolling down my cheek.

    I reached a trembling hand up towards my eyes to wipe away the tear.
    Ellen pulled me into her arms and I reluctantly let her. She stroked my hair soothingly murmuring words of comfort. Nat reached out her hand too and rubbed my back. I felt safe and protected in her arms. Ellen lay down and pulled me into an embrace and held me until I fell asleep again. I felt safe in her arms sighing deeply allowing sleep to claim me.
    I woke again some time later stirring in Ellen's arms, she woke as I shifted my weight slightly. We both laid silently our eyes locked intensely. My chest rose and fell rapidly with anticipation as she reached out a hand and tucked a stray strand of hair behind my ear allowing her thumb to brush my cheek. She moved in closer and placed a tender kiss on my lips using her free hand to pull me in closer. Her hand slipped to my breast as she deepened our kiss passion flooding from both of us. It shocked me that just a kiss from her could send shock waves through my body to my core yet being touched intimately by Nat or Che barely had any affect. It was then that I realised I had truly and utterly fell head over heels for her.
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    Lex....I'm having withdrawal.....and its time for my fix! All my shows are on hiatus...what's a girl to do?
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    I'm patiently waiting, or so I'm at least telling myself...
    Lex, your story is to damn good to forget! I want to know what happens next!
    So I'm sending you all of my european charm with hope that it will push your creative buttons...
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    Patiently Waiting

    Just keep swimming swimming swim.... wait Dory reference aside Lex come-on did you just do it like a leemer and just jump off the cliff all together!? Cliff-Hangers are a killer I love this story and would love to see it continue. :D

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