Friends or something more?

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by Februarystern, Mar 4, 2020.

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    Mar 4, 2020
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  2. greylin

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    Jul 4, 2013
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    I think she is single and skittish so she is just dating and keeping things casual. When you showed more interest than that she backs off. Some people you date will feel right but they are not ready for anything really. I would invest my time with people who want to spend time with me and enthusiastic about exploring a potential relationship.
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    Jul 14, 2018
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    She was married once so it is completely possible that she is not ready for a full on full throttle serious lesbian relationship. You are using words like “love” and I think you know in your heart that she, although like you, is not ready for a full on, long distance lesbian relationship. It is very possible that she can see that you are getting really serious and is disassociating herself from you. That is OK if that is what she is doing.

    Considering that you’ve kissed her, it is completely okay to ask her what she wants and humbly accept whatever that answer is. If she does not want a serious relationship with you, go out and find someone who does.
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  4. Spygirl

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    Jul 2, 2013
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    Many years ago, I was going through a breakup when a dear friend made me read a poem (which still resonates with me).......a line in that poem was "and you begin to learn that kisses aren't contracts..."

    The point being, to some people a kiss is just a kiss; to others it's something more.

    Find your own happiness - if she's a part of it great, but don't wait around for her. If she's giving you mixed signals and not telling you she misses you, then the two of you might not be on the same page. And that's perfectly okay, because it frees you up to find someone who will love you as much as you love her.
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