For first timers, how would you know if you're doing it right?

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by vigilante, Dec 11, 2015.

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    My gf and I have been fooling around for the past months. She would only let me touch or kiss her part with her underwear still on, we could go for 8 rounds with that. She's kind of loud in bed, but since I live with my sister she just let out loud moans and heavy breathing. However we get turned on I never advance in flesh to flesh doing it as she told me before that maybe we should at least wait after college. She came from a conservative background and I respect that as I was raised that way too.

    We agreed on a home date for yesterday as we wanted a day to ourselves. She'll be abroad for a year for completing her studies. Then she asked me "Are we going to make love on that day? :)"
    So, I didn't know if she meant our usual or the all-the-way one.
    Luckily, my sister went on a hiking trip so the house was to ourselves.
    We watched some movies and cooked. We went to bed to take a nap but then things got steamy.
    And I said this might be the only chance that my sister will be away for the whole day.
    Then she asked me if we should do it just this once.
    and we did it.
    She was moaning loudly when we were kissing and caressing, but when I entered her she was screaming and I was scared that I was hurting her. But she said I wasn't. She was super loud, screaming, even when I try to stop it by kissing her mouth. On the 5th round it was intense and my wrist was hurting, because she wouldn't lose the tight underwear, she was thrusting and screaming loudly and I didn't want to stop coz I really want to satisfy her but my hands are hurting. So we stopped and she lay on my shoulder and said "I love you so much"

    It was both our first time so I was worried I can't satisfy her. I've read a few online articles that I should feel like its chewing/throbbing on my finger. I didn't feel that and what made me so worried is when she said "Does it turn you on when I scream?" Is she not satisfied and just wanted me to feel good?
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    Well, it's hard to tell if she's satisfied. If it's her first time, she might not even know. But, I don't understand why she needs to leave her underwear on. What does she think is going to happen if she takes them off? I can tell you that if she's really climaxing she wouldn't be screaming. That's what girls in porn do to turn men on. Because she asked if it turned you on, I think she's pretending.

    There's a book called "The whole lesbian sex book," which has lots of great advice and drawings of techniques you can try. It's very helpful for getting to know how a woman's body works and how to satisfy one. Trust me when I say that when she has a legit orgasim you won't be wondering, you'll know.
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    Some women scream when they climax.

    There is no right or wrong way to have sex (between consenting adults). If she likes it and you like it, then you did everything perfect.
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