First Love: a True Story

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    It was the last day of camp. Five weeks of theatre and music for me and five weeks of writing and computer editing for Natalie. Yeah we had different tastes but we still fit. I was the performer and she was the techy. It was my 14th birthday as well but I felt older, I was always a bit old for my age. It's something Natalie and I had in common actually, probably why we were drawn to each other. Natalie was tall and tan with light brown hair and glasses, which she rarely ever wore but were always such a turn on. I was slim with curly black hair and bright green eyes.

    The last day of camp was always hard for me. I lived in another state and I knew I wouldn't be able too see any of my friends. This was the last time I would see Natalie too, so I knew I needed to make the best of it somehow.

    "Alyssa," my friend Naomi said, "We are all going to the movies tonight, you should come." It would be the six of us, Me, Naomi, Cass, Ellie, Zoe, and of course Natalie. I loved them all really, we were like one big happy family and when we saw each other every summer for five weeks I felt complete. Actually this was the first year I knew Natalie. Turns out she had been going for three years, but this is a big camp and none of us ever took a class with her until this year she became friends with Alyssa who introduced her to our group.

    I remember the first time I met her on that second day of camp. I remember thinking she was weird and touchy. Then I remember thinking she was beautiful, then I remembered thinking how douchey she looked wearing sunglasses indoors. Of course that was just me pushing away my feelings but I'd be lying if I said she was the first girl I was attracted to. Part of me knew she liked me back, we were always joking around about being lovers and called each other "Babe" and stuff. It was all fun and games and the other girls laughed when we flirted, clearly none of them knew it was real.

    Nat invited me to her house after camp, we'd hang out there then meet up with our friends at the movies. It was so exciting actually being alone with her for once. Usually we would have so much to talk about, but for once the two of us were lost for words. I sat on her bed and she sat close next to me.

    "I want to show you something," She said excitedly. She jumped off the bed, opened up a window, and jumped through it.

    "Natalie!" I screamed out of fear for her life, I heard a thud then some laughing. I ran to the window and stuck my head out it. Natalie had jumped onto a fire-escape.

    "Well, you coming?" She asked. I grinned and climbed down to her. The fire-escape led all the way to the roof of her house, which was flat enough to walk on. It was a great view, there were hills, trees, and not a cloud in the sky. Massachusetts summers were the best.

    "It's beautiful." I breathed as I leaned against a high railing.

    "Yeah I come out here to get away sometimes." She admitted.

    "From what?"

    "I don't know. I guess a better way of wording it is I come out here to clear my mind. It's a real cluster fuck in there." Natalie explained. I grinned, we made eye contact for a moment. I turned away to look back at the scene in front of us but she quickly put her hands around my waist and pulled me in. I felt like I was going to explode of fear the second we kissed for the first time. What if someone saw us? What would people think of two young girls kissing? Not to mention I was so surprised that she just kissed me like that I quickly pushed her away.

    "Oh my God," She whispered, "I am so sorry, Alyssa really I wasn't thinking. It doesn't mean anything, don't tell anyone better yet lets pretend it didn't even.....

    I didn't like what she was saying so I kissed her again. One hand was on her cheek and the other was on her waist. She kissed me back, more intensely now. This time pushing my back up against the railing and kissing my neck, giving me goosebumps.This went on for the next hour or so. We didn't speak, we didn't need to. We just explored each others mouths.

    When we stopped we even talked about it. It was a perfect siduation because neither of us looked like lesbians. We looked normal so nobody would know that we kissed. Of course I know now how ignorant it was for us to think we could carry on like this an nobody would notice because the first thing Naomi said when she saw me later that night was, "What's that bruise on your neck?" I covered it up with my hand and quickly said, "rug-burn"

    "On your neck?" Asked Ellie.

    "She fell over at my house." Natalie joined in. It was the stupidest lie I've ever told, but they seemed to believe it.

    We walked into the movie theatre and sat down. Of course Natalie and I sat next to each other, but we had to wait for the lights to go down and the projection to start before we could hold hands. I don't even remember what movie it was we were watching, I just remember being close to her. Then I remember her letting go of my hand and putting on my thigh, then getting higher and higher. I remember tensing up as she slipped it inside my leggings.

    "Natalie, what are you doing?" I whispered.


    I put my jacket over my lap just in case anyone could see. It felt so weird and exciting, I had to suppress my noise. All of a sudden I felt chills all over my body and I leaned my head back in pleasure. It was the first time I had ever felt a sensation like that.

    I looked over at the other girls who were totally absorbed in the movie. I quickly put my hand on her cheek and kissed her again.

    The movie ended, the girls were picked up one by one by their parents. Then Natalie and I were left alone once last time. It was a bittersweet moment for both of us. She held my hand outside of the cinema, right in front of everyone there. The best part about that was no one even batted an eyelash, no one cared enough to. She saw her parent's car from a distance and quickly turned around to kiss me on the cheek.

    "Til next year." She whispered.

    "Til next year."

    But for Natalie, next year never came.

    That was the last time I saw her. This is the first time I've ever told our story.

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