Femmes First: Who makes the first move?

Discussion in 'Advice (Dear AE...)' started by Fs30313, Aug 28, 2017.

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    When it comes to "getting chose" I don't think that fems understand how nerve-wrecking it is to have to guess if you're being friendly or flirting (along with even being interested in women).

    Most of us have dealt with male friends assuming that we're giving them the green light by simply being nice. But I've had a few encounters where I find out waaaaaaay later that a woman was flirting with me but she wanted me to make the first move, even though I had no idea she was even interested in women. I don't want to be that 'guy'. But I also don't want to feel like less of a lesbian for not wanting to look like an idiot.

    We fight against gender norms but have also adopted them into our culture. How Sway?!?

    I just want to know why do fems feel like it's a good idea to beat around the bush when it comes to at least letting us know that you're interested? I'll jump in head first if I know I'm welcome. But being vague and assuming that I'll catch general hints... Issa no for me.

    Also, any advice on how to maneuver a situation where you think she wants you to make the first move or you're not sure but she's just too damn fine to let an opportunity pass you by. I'm in need of guidance lol


    She's confirmed that she's Bi, she's used to being the mouse one the game of cat-n-mouse, and only in town for one more night.
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    Is this the girl that you now know likes you? Or this is someone else who might be beating around the, um, bush?

    I don't think fems have the corner on being shy about being too forward. Some people just are not as forward. If you like her then why not just ask her out before her locational access expires? What could it hurt even if she says no? She'd be outta here the next day.
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