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    Hello everyone. I don't usually post anything here, but I just wanted to let everyone know about this great Tv series that just finished airing here in Brazil. It's called "Felized para sempre" (Happily Ever After). It's about five couples of the same family. Some of these couples end up hiring the services of a bissexual escort, Denise, alson known as Danny Bond (played by the OH MY God beautiful Paolla Oliveira). At some point Denise starts developing some sort of feelings for Marilia (played by maria Fernanda Candido) and then the real plot begins. Are some of the characters emotionally instable? Yes. Is it tragic? You'll have to watch it and see for yourself. But it is still an amazing Tv Show in my opinion, the actors are really good, it's mature and it has an amazing storyline. You should definitely give it a shot.


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