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Discussion in 'Coming Out' started by Crazy girl, Apr 20, 2017.

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    May 20, 2016
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    So much to say, not sure what to say. Having slept with one guy once then meeting my husband at the age of 19 I've only had the two sexual relationships, one being him. Being together for 28 years with my husband it really felt like a great friendship with many adventures involved. Yes I loved him, but along the way he asked for divorce not once but twice (so why did I stay, not sure) third time lucky we are now divorced. I have two beautiful girls from this marriage. Anyway whilst married I meet a lady whom I became really great bff's with, but I knew from the moment I met her where my heart was. I have never felt so alive and never realised that someone could hit your soul the way she made me feel.
    Her marriage was basically over so we spent a lot of time together. Hence I fell head over heels in love and in that time even managed to win a trip to Europe (oh so romantic). When we arrived home from Europe things changed (she had other family issues), I could feel the push away. Her first love boyfriend popped up out of the blue and things really happened fast between them. She is with him and married happily. We are still good friends now. I cant see myself with another guy because it just felt so right being with a woman in every way and alot of memories and small things in life just clicked. I'm hoping to meet someone again, scared, excited, but most women I see are half my age, so I'm thinking am I to old at 50 to find that love again.
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    Hey Crazy girl, you are not too old. I have been going on about being old here and yes, I am a little older than you but I don't mean it as a bad thing, just a different thing than a number of the younger women here. Some women on here matured like at 17 and know better than I do. Hey it took me some time, but I am starting to get things. And it is good to realize things about yourself no matter what age. My gf is younger and she calls me out for being naughty all the time, so I guess some things I will never mature on.

    Some of us at this point in our journey feel that life begins at 50. Look at George Clooney, he is like 55 and starting a family! Go out there and find that special woman. Go on a few dates. You are not too old. :)
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    Women are like fine wine --- we get better with age. :)

    Put yourself out there! You might just find that amazing woman who will knock your socks off and with whom you can grow old together.
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    No such thing as too old for love! We are capable of loving right up to our last breath, and maybe even after!
    Besides, women are living, some quite healthily, into their 90s and even 100+, so you are only halfway through this marathon! Don't give up so soon! ;)

    Also, there are other women with similar experiences who are coming out now, after long marriages and raising children....Whether you find a romantic connection or just lots-in-common-friendships, get out and meet people - through activities that you enjoy, exploring particular interests that you have, and by supporting local community groups which share your values!

    Who do you think is organizing and volunteering at all the community agencies (LGBTQ centers, Animal shelters, political groups, etc.)?...Mature Lesbians...because we get shit done! LOL! And even if you meet couples...they may have the inside scoop on who is single and looking...so still a Win!

    Self discovery is a brave and rewarding journey that is endless, so congratulations to you that you have decided to take on that adventure...at any age! Bravo for you and best wishes! Check in for support and to update us on how it is going! :)
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