Fantastic New Lesbian Fiction- Desert Storm -a must read

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    You're in for a treat if you enjoy superbly written lesbian romance fiction 'Desert Storm - A Love Story Book 1
    from author Sandscribe. Check it out at:

    A war-ravaged country. Two women. A love story. It could be as simple as that, but in the desert, nothing is as it seems.

    It's Iraq, mid-2003. The US-led military coalition has just defeated the brutal dictator Saddam Hussein, and a motley crew of international journalists try to navigate the chaos that descends after Operation Shock-and-Awe.
    As if life in a war zone isn't difficult enough, TV news editor Patricia Kent also has to traverse the minefield that is her heart. She arrives in Baghdad already broken and battered, how will she survive an encounter with Alex Diaz, the network's bold and breath-taking rising star? And who can she trust when there are no rules in love and war...

    Sandscribe is the pen name of a veteran international journalist who travels the world from one disaster zone to another chasing pain and heartbreak. To keep sane, she writes fiction on the side. And when all else fails, there is chocolate.

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