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    Hello Everyone!

    Knowing that I'm new here, this feels a bit odd, but I feel it's something many of you will be interested in as well as relate with. I hope this is the right location to put this. If not, my greatest apologies to the admins for my mistake. :D

    We are a small group of indie filmmakers called LEBITARE FILMS. We are currently crowdfunding a unique documentary that will cover LGBTQ+ topics and the world of Fandoms. The documentary will be called Fandoms Fight For Change.

    Fandoms Fight For Change?

    The quest to make a documentary that explores Fandoms (what they are, the communities they build (online and offline) and the impact they have on society and media. Beyond that, the narrative will explore various troubling social issues faced by and through the eyes of both LGBTQ+ and straight fans; especially in the entertainment media. Such things as:

    • Representation/Diversity (LGBTQ and People of Colour Media Inclusiveness)
      The experiences of Fans Outside their fandoms
      Discrimination Due To: Sexuality, Gender Identity and Mental Illness Portrayal
      Bullying and Cyber-bullying
      Heteronormativity: What it is and how it affects entertainment media

    The campaign could use all the support we can get. As mentioned above, this will be a unique documentary that will explore and expose some the burning issues with entertainment media. Sure, we have more and more shows by the year adding LGBTQ+ characters, but what about the fact that they are often two dimensional characters in many cases? How about the lack of People of Colour in many mainstream shows? We want to tackle these questions and more. But we need the help of our LGBTQ+ community and Allies!

    To Donate:
    For More Info:

    No donation is too small and ALL donations are greatly appreciated. Be a part of telling the entertainment media that we have a voice and we are going to share it loud and proud! Thanks!

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