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    Have you seen the new Hannah Hart video on her youtube channel? She's hosting Wanda Sikes while interviewing her about being a gay comedian with a wife and kids. The entire video is fake. Fake house, fake interview, fake cooking pasta. And, we know it but don't know why until the very end. Wanda and Hannah sit eating the pasta when the logo for...yep, Barilla pops up.

    So, Barilla, whose CEO is a known hater of gays and insists that marriage is for a man and a woman only, intercepts a well known youtuber who cooks, and has her interview an even more well known lesbian who's married, with children, all the while making Barilla pasta. It may seem to them this will come off as an apology, but it pissed me off. If they really want to show support why not put a commercial on the air or in print where all the right-wing-religious nuts can see it? Why? Because they don't want everyone to see it. They know a high percentage of Hannah's viewers are gay and they only want to reach the gay crowd. But, I call bullshit. Either let everyone know you take it back, hateful, homophobic Barilla, or shut the fuck up.

    Hannah and Wanda are sell outs. Barilla must have paid them big money, or they just don't give a shit how this company impacted the gay comunity. Wanda is a big enough name to tell them to put their money where their mouth is and air it on national television and not hide it on youtube.

    What do you think?

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