Does this taken girl like me?

Discussion in 'Does She Like Me?' started by Chariots, Jul 2, 2015.

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    Jul 2, 2015
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    So there's a girl at school I've liked for a very long time. I confessed to her 2 months ago but she didn't really seem interested, she didn't say her opinion about me though.

    Now I've found out that during that period she just found a guy she liked and still is with him. But after my confession she stares all the time at me, walks by wherever I go, gets nervous whenever I look her in the eyes up close and stops talking when I join her group.

    Yesterday we had our last school project which was a musical and she was around me through the whole day. I even busted her looking through my chat with someone else and when I did she awkwardly walked away. After that she kicked me a lot in a playful way and at our last performance we stood in line with her next beside me (which isn't the place she should be standing) and a part of the dance is to hold hands and so she pulled my arm and held my hand.

    Yesterday my friend asked her if she did have a guy just for confirmation, she didn't say a thing but someone else nearby confirmed it and she looked at me.

    So, the question is does she like me even though she didn't seem very interested when I confessed or is she just trying to become close friends with me or she regrets of what she did.

    And if she ends up liking me, how should I approach this..? Just wait until they break up?
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    This is a website for gay women. I'm not sure how helpful I can be to a young straight guy.

    She could like you or she could just like attention. Or she wants to make her bf jealous. It's hard to tell.

    I have no idea what you want (just sex, a serious gf, etc...) So I can't tell you what you should do. If you want a serious gf, you shouldn't go after a girl who is flirty with you while she has a bf. If you just want hookups, you need to step up your game- a lot.
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    We seem to be getting a lot of guys on here lately. Maybe there isn't a place where you know of where you can get advice. So, I'm going to tell you that all the signs show she's into you. If she does have a bf she can't be that into him because she's mad flirting with you. Instead of trying to find out if she has a bf just ask her out. Ask her to a function around school where your friends will be if you are too shy to ask her out on a one to one date. Good luck.

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