Does this (straight?) girl like me, or just having fun?

Discussion in 'Does She Like Me?' started by MnM, Feb 3, 2015.

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    We met through a mutual friend in the summer and have spent time as a group together on a few occasions. I assumed she was straight, more or less. She knows I am queer identified. The first night out we went to a few bars and flirted a bit, heavy flirtatious dancing and touching. I just thought she was maybe a touchy-feely person.

    Second time around, more flirting and holding hands. Again, I thought not much of it. This girl gets an obscene amount of attention from men when we go out, so I figured maybe she was staying close to dissuade them a bit.

    Third time out, she texts me randomly on a weekend. Ask if I'm back from holidays, she must have seen my facebook. Than asked if I wanted to go out as she had the night off. My other friend use to always arrange our get togethers, so this was the first time she asked me directly. My friend said she had asked about me earlier in the day to him.

    Anyways, she ends up picking me up and we drive to the first venue. As the night goes on, more heavy touching, flirting and such. We leave the restaurant and walk to our next destination, holding hands the whole way. By the time it gets to 1am, we are both a bit tipsy. We got on the dance floor, leaned into each other, and 1 second later I realize we are kissing and making out hard to the music. My guy friends decide to go get a drink....haha

    We spent the rest of the night kissing and dancing.

    After the bar, we all return to my house for pizza and my other friends leave around 4am. In the interim she had already fallen asleep in my arms on the couch so she slept over.

    Morning after, we both act normal and don't talk about it. She spent the afternoon watching movies with me and I drove her home later in the day. It would be clear cut to me, with the exception of one thing that threw me off. By the time morning had come, the vibe wasn't the same and she wasn't touchy or flirtatious anymore.

    So what do you think? Straight girl having some night time fun, or maybe something a bit more complex that I should pursue?
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    If the vibe is not there anymore in the morning then it sounded like she just liked partying that way. Maybe she will change later after mulling things over. But I would not pursue someone, gay or straight who changes the morning after and would only play under the influence. If you were to pursue anything, try asking her for more day-time, coffee sober meets.
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    Ask her out on date, if you are interested in something more, at least you will know where you stand.

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