Does this guy like me?

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by Zoe9, Sep 9, 2018.

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    We've been friends with each other for awhile. He's married and I'm a single woman.

    One time I was feeling sad about something so I asked him for a hug. We hugged and we had both of bodies touching even at the hips. He's taller than me by a few inches so he had to bend down a little to hug me and our head were touching. I had my arms placed under his arms and not around his neck because I wanted to keep it platonic and he had his around my upper back. He hugged me gently for awhile. After I said "thank you" to him, he nodded and pulled me in even closer to him and held me tighter for awhile longer. I felt his hands travel down towards my waist. He had his head over my shoulder at that point and he buried his face near the back of my neck. After a few seconds, he moved his face away from my neck and rested his face on my shoulder some more. He let out a deep breath, held me a few seconds longer, then slowly but steadily let go of my waist at the end of the hug. After that, I left him without saying anything else.

    Another time while he was talking to me his voice got deeper than normal while he was looking at me. We were both sitting in front of each other and he was kind of close to me, but not extremely close. He'd usually look me in the eye just fine, but during that moment he wasn't able to look me in the eye. He kept glancing up at me then looking down at the ground then back up at me again. In the middle of a short sentence, he paused for a moment to take a deep breath then he slowly let it out while he finished the rest of his sentence and he used one of my unique phrase that I'd usually use whenever I'd talk to him. Near the end of the conversation while I was listening to him, I had my head tilted to the side and I was smiling to show him that I was paying attention to what he was saying and to appear friendly. Then he started tilting his head off the side in the same direction as my head was. He also breathes heavily whenever I'm near him. If he's just standing there and I walk up to him to talk to him, he starts taking these deep breaths at first, then it'd go away later.

    He copies me whenever he's around me. I'd usually have my legs crossed and I'd sometimes tap my foot that's on the floor. After I had done this, he started doing it a minute later or sometimes it'd be at the same time. If I see him the next time around and he's sitting like that, he'd tap his foot exactly the way that I'd tap mine, except he'd be the first one to start doing that action rather than me tapping my foot first. He'd push his hair off to the side after I'd push my bangs off to the side. He copies a few of my facial expressions.

    One time, he and I were saying goodbye to each other and he followed me out of the front entrance. I turned around because I had a feeling that he was watching me and he was. He was standing by the door with this huge grin on his face, watching me walk away. After he saw me looking at him, he said bye to me again.
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    He's married and he copies you? I did not realize they let 11 year olds marry. Seriously , he sounds incredibly immature. Please run away from him as fast as you can. Also, this is a site for lady lovin' ladies.
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