Does she wants me to ask her out or she's jus...

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by vigilante, Dec 3, 2013.

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    Jul 17, 2013
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    I met this girl in the summer, we became really close, and I'm trying not to cross the line out of the friendzone because I'm a little socially awkward. And the way she act is frightening me, my friends told me she's already acting like a worried gf, asking me to come home early at night so we could sleep on the phone together but at the same time never really giving me the green signal. And the first night we went alone to dinner, she asked me out. After sometime, I got busy with my friends that we rarely talk and she gets mad because of that that mostly we're just silent on the phone. I remember her talking about someone pursuing her that she finds annoying, and I was playing xbox at that time that I didn't respond much, then she said "There's something new about you" then she hung up, and I don't know what happened we just lost communication. And it seemed like she doesn't like talking to me, when we see each other she always seemed in a hurry. After sometime she told me she's now with someone (the annoying one pursuing her), and I said I'm happy for her then after a few replies the convo ended. Haven't heard from her in a while until today, she asked how I'm doing and I asked her too and she said that she's dealing with a breakup. She asked me If I have a new girl and I said I don't even have an old one. And we're practically now going to the same university, she said "Hit me up some time, let's hang out! :)" Well I really want to hangout with her but I'm not sure if she wants me to ask her out or she just said that to be kind coz I feel like she hated me for awhile that it's the first time ever again that she used a smiley. I know I already blew my chances, and I don't really mind just having a platonic relationship with her. I kinda like being around her, she's interesting and smart.
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    Re: Does she wants me to ask her out or she's...

    Boy, this girl scares me too. Why do you want to hang out with her at all? She is manipulative and controlling and gaming you to go after her. She doesn't care about you, she just wants everything in her terms only you have to guess what her terms are most of the time.

    Find a good social situation, people who are really interested in what you have to say and enjoy your company and doing things with you that you like.

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