does she like me??

Discussion in 'Does She Like Me?' started by confused1983, Jul 25, 2015.

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    Jul 25, 2015
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    hi, please help me! I have recently gained more confidence and started a new job. There's a woman who sits close to me and we have shared the occasional glance and this week quite a long stare at each other. I haven't spoken to her as I'm not majorly confident and need to know that she wants me too. When I returned from my lunch the other day she saw me coming back, said something to her friend, winked at her and then when quiet as i walked past. I need to know if she is interested or if she thinks im strange because of the occasional looking. Its frustrating me as I want to chat to her but I'm not sure. Please help me
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    First, I don't think you have given us a lot of information to truly say "yes she is in to you" or "no she isn't." That being said, here is my two cents-

    The glances could mean ANYTHING. Try not to over think what they could mean because it could mean she likes you or that she is deep in thought and you happen to be in the direction she is looking. Now that thing with her friend is odd, but again they could have been talking about anything. So again, try to not over think it.

    Here is what you should do- TALK TO Her! I know it might seem like you can't but trust me, you can. Start by saying "Hi" or "Good Morning." Then if you want, work your way up to asking if you can borrow something like a highlighter...or whatever. Then see where things go from there.
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    Don't go there with someone you work with. It just won't end well.

    You haven't given enough information to say if she likes you or not. If you are going based on a few glances, you are really grasping for straws. I suggest you try meeting more women - try online dating, go to meet ups, take up some hobbies. Then if you thing a non-coworker type woman is glancing at you, you can go and talk to her.
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