Does she like me?

Discussion in 'Does She Like Me?' started by UK_LT336, May 28, 2017.

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    May 28, 2017
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    Hi everyone,

    I'm new here so apologies if this isn't in the right place! I'm having a bit of an internal conflict as to whether this girl I know likes me in the way I like her...

    We met through a summer field hockey league here in the UK and we clicked straight away. I saw her last summer week-in, week-out but she went to play for a different team in the regular season so we would cross paths on occasion and spend a lot of time chatting together. This year, summer league has started up again and she is back playing for my team (pun intended :p) and we spend time (sometimes hours) after the game just talking about random stuff together - just me and her.

    Now I don't want to come across as stereotyping as that's not my style but I'm fairly certain she's gay. She's got a short hairstyle and just appears quite butch *swoon* but I'm not sure if she knows that I am gay too. I'm quite feminine in appearance and a friendly, outgoing person so I just worry that she might think I'm a friendly, straight person who's just being nice..! I'm hoping this makes sense and it's not too random! I've had this thing planned in my head to ask her out and profess how much I like her at the last summer league session (mid-July) - I don't want to lose her as a mate but I'm fairly certain she is gay but how do I tell if she is into me? We have great eye contact, we hug 'hello' and we spend time talking ages after the matches have finished.. but I guess I'm just a little scared she's not into me and I don't want to get rejected. Plus being British, I am aware of my awkwardness/goofballishness that consumes me when I try to act cool and ask someone out...!

    Any advice would be hugely appreciated! Lots of love x
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    Why don't you just come out to her? Find some way to bring it up. Mention some news item, plans for gay pride, drop a mention of an ex gf.
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