Does she like me?

Discussion in 'Does She Like Me?' started by Caccazz, Apr 26, 2017.

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    Apr 26, 2017
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    I like a girl who is also my classmate.We've been in the same school for two years but I started to like her a few months ago, she is so beautiful but she isn't a bitch and she isn't stupid, that's why i love her. I'm not a poor guy nor a stupid one, but I'm not that kind of guy with all muscles, a passion for the sports and I'm also a bit asocial and when the girl I like is near me I start to sweat and I don't know how to talk to her. The thing that made me think i had a possibility was that when I answer questions the teacher asks she secretly look at me then when i look at her she turn her head, this made me think so I observed her and I noticed that she doesn't do it with the others guys. Now I'm asking if she likes me beacuse even if I'm asocial I don't think I'm a bad guy after all, I keep myself clean, I'm intelligent, I'm not fat nor ugly. But the thing is how can she likes me when she had a lot of boyfriends that were also older than her and with a lot of muscles but also with a lot of confidence. I tried to flirt with her with my body language, I imitated her posture and when she looked at me she turned as always but she crossed her arms and this gesture means that she doesn't want to start a conversation but why does she looks at me and why does she laughed when I told to one of my friend near her a joke?
    Maybe she laughed because my joke was funny in fact my friend enjoyed it too and then when she noticed that I was interested in her she started to worry and she fear that i look at her.
    We don't talk too much neither we meet outside of school but she certainly doesn't hate me because I usually help her during tests. Can you give me an advice?
    Thank you for reading all this shit.
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    This is a site for queer women. While men are welcomed here, there might be better places to get heterosexual dating perspective.

    That being said, you haven't given enough information to tell if she likes you or not. It's impossible to tell from little scraps of 'she looked at me.' But how can she really like you (or you like her?) you two haven't really spoken with each other. You have a crush on her from afar.

    My advice? Quit comparing yourself to other guys, sack up and go talk to her.

    This is coming from a short, slightly chubby lesbian who got plenty of girls in her single days. Confidence is key. As is - actually talking to a girl and taking some chances.

    Good luck.
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