Does she like me?

Discussion in 'Does She Like Me?' started by Tookey Took, Apr 23, 2017.

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    Apr 23, 2017
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    A coworker randomly texted me around 4 times over the course of March Madness. She asked about how my team was doing, told me she was gonna watch, and how excited she was. I caught her in this lie where I found out she couldn't give a crap about b-ball nor actually watched. I took this as a positive sign because if she wasn't interested why bother pretending? The thing I don't get though is when I text her she's super short with me. What the crap is going on?
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    Nov 22, 2015
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    Who knows why she would do that, but let's not try to figure out her intention or motivation. I would not take it as a positive sign! Leave it alone and move on! That is my best advice...
    Here's why:

    First, If she is super short with you by text, that means she is not asking open ended questions that keep the conversation going and allows her to casually learn more about you or share more about herself...That is a red flag. period. By the very definition of the word "interested"..she would be wanting to know/learn more, right? That is a very basic guideline in the flirty, dating world.

    Secondly, finding out that she was "lying" about liking or watching basketball is not the biggest lie in the world, but it is still a Lie...If I liked a girl who liked b-ball but didn't know much else about said girl, EXCEPT that she would be watching March Madness, even if I didn't like basketball, I would watch it to have something legitimate to talk about...even if just to express being new to it, not understanding it, and wanting to learn more...from You (said girl). Soooooo, if she was really interested, she would be doing her homework a bit to impress you, instead of lying to you, which is not impressive at all.

    Who wants to start out anything good with a lie? it has nowhere to go when it is eventually found out....Now, the I-did-a-crash-course-in-March-Madness-just-to-have-something-to-talk-with-you-about, is a much cuter, honest approach and gives you something to work with, right? This, not so much. Sorry.

    It's April...let the madness of March go, and find a new spring crush, Tookey Took.

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