Does my boss/manager like me in that way ?

Discussion in 'Does She Like Me?' started by Alania, Jul 20, 2019.

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    I would say it is not borderline inappropriate, it is just inappropriate. You two are having an affair and I put the blame squarely on your boss. First, it is not difficult for people at work to get involved because sometimes you are in the trenches together and work crushes can happen. 2ndly, it is easier for some to feel even more of an attraction to someone you work for because of all of special attention. Your boss is taking her lesbian fantasy to the limit with you and thinking it is ok because you are two women. This could affect your career track, your emotional well being and your future intimacy with another person.

    Things like that can get you under her authority and spell because it makes you feel special now. But where would this lead? What if you started not liking it and start dating someone? How would she respond to you at work?

    I am not sure professionally how you can extricate from this situation. Feel free to talk here because there are so many red flags here I don’t know how to begin except to implore you not to initiate stuff and certainly no “love taps”!

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