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    Aren't there any DOCTOR WHO fans out there? Now that Series 8 ('season 8' for us here in the USA) has started, I am surprised and dismayed that no one on any site has mentioned the BIG reveal in episode 1. None of the DOCTOR WHO sites are talking about it and none of my comments have shown up either. Almost like it's a taboo subject. What you may ask? That the DOCTOR's Companion/Associate/Assistant (apparently "companion" has fallen out of favor) Clara Oswin Oswald was "OUTED" by Madame Vastra. I originally picked up on the possibility that The character was a lesbian in her first appearance as "Oswin" in her first episode "ASYLUM OF THE DALEKS". The clue is there in Oswin's brief talk with Rory. Second clue at the very end of the Christmas episode "THE SNOWMEN" where modern day Clara is going through a graveyard and her "friend" won't continue with her. The friend is a very lovely black female. Clara's stops, turns around, smiles and says she's not superstitious. She's standing beside the grave marker of CLARA OSWIN OSWALD. The third and most obvious was in the latest episode "DEEP BREATH" where Madam Vastra discerns the 'real' person behind the mask. It's a great reveal moment.
    I think Clara Oswin Oswald is the most interesting Doctor Who Companion in this series since 2005. Note. She has never been seen with any males other than family, co-workers or the DOCTOR. She never talks about boys, boyfriends, men or any relationships with same.
    Someone out there besides me HAS to have picked up on this. Has coming out as gay or lesbian now become so passe on TV shows that it isn't given a second thought? This is DOCTOR WHO after all!

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