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    Jul 7, 2014
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    I will be upfront and honest. I am a trans woman living full time an identify as a lesbian.

    You may know the long history of trans women being excluded from lesbian spaces but I assure you that trans women know. It was this exclusion that kept me from transitioning back in the 90's. All of my GF's, at the time, were bisexual feminists who accepted the 2nd wave feminist view of trans women as virtual rapists female bodies or agents of patriarchy sent to destroy the women's movement. Does this history matter? No.

    Today, the majority of Lesbians see trans women as just another woman: a woman with her own voice, desires and story. And cis women are dating trans women. I love it when the LGBT community evolves its own understanding of its self.

    What is your view of trans woman as possible romantic partners?
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    Oct 3, 2013
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    I was actually thinking about this the other day ironically lol

    So me...
    I consider myself pansexual. I love people for who they are. Not gender. Sexual orientation etc . I also am not a very big fan of gender roles either. I like to think of people as individuals, and I have no desire to put anyone in a box and label them. And the conclusion I've come to on the matter or transgender individuals is simple; why would a person go through all of that ( especially because of the lack of understanding some people have) if they didn't feel strongly about they were doing.

    So if I met a trans woman-or man for that matter- and we hit it off it wouldn't be an issue no
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    Jan 25, 2014
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    May not matter to you, depends on who you attract. Bisexuals are not quite the same as pansexuals. A bi wants a man and or women... but not someone who is TG or post-op. The more outside the "norm" a person is, the smaller the availability of possible love-interests. Most gay men would not be interested in a post-op woman.

    A friend who is a post-op woman, has had BF/dated men as a woman, is in a lesbian relationship with a woman.

    There are some kink / fetlife sites that make it easier to find such possibilities or groups.
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