Dating Fail - need advice

Discussion in 'Does She Like Me?' started by LorenaA, Feb 20, 2020.

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    Mar 25, 2019
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    Hello all, I need advice. All my friends are straight and i need a little gay insight. So i went on a date about a week ago with this gorgeous cool girl that i met on hinge. We meet up for drinks at a cool arcade and then i took her to a little place that had live music down the street and we ended up making out in my car (super fun) she is a year younger than me ( she is 21 and i am 22) and is bisexual ( i am gay) who has a preference for women. Everything was consensual, we both made sure we were okay with everything ( DID not have sex). OK, so after that she acted super into me and wanted to hang out again and i was down ( she even came to visit me while i was studying, which was cute). We went on a 2nd date at the same arcade for drinks again; we were just vibing and she suggested we go somewhere else. We were feeling the vibe at the other bar we went to, so she just wanted to drive around and make out in my car again; I didnt say no and i was like okay sure, we drove around and shared m&ms. We made out in my car to music which was (super fun again); everything was consensual, but i did crack a joke about " not wanting to do "that" in my car" and after that could tell her mood shifted. I tend to be a wise guy and make too many jokes but im sure i 100% hurted her feelings and made it only seem like i just wanted to have sex. But, anyways I dropped her off and she fisted bumped me and told me to get home safe. I'm a dumbass; so i texted her that i got home and she was like " it was great seeing you again thank you for the drink". At the bar i did told her that i may be MIA with texting during the week because i have an exam and she was like no worries. I reached out to her to see if i could take her out to a place to just chill; and no response.. it's been like a week and I have this strong gut feeling that i should apologize to her for my behavior. Because i'm still super attracted to her and she is so cool that i'd be down to be friends. HELP ME!! should i apologize out of the blue because i feel like an ass. also we didn't establish what we wanted (i blame it on us being both pisces women)
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    I am not sure what you have to apologize for. It sounds like she misunderstood a joke? I would just ask her if she got offended by something you have said and you would like to help clear up any misunderstanding. Tell her you have enjoyed your time together and you would love to see her again. Hope that helps and good luck.
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    If she misunderstood you in that you did not want to have sex in your car...then that's on her. Call me old fashioned, but heck...I'd want "THAT" first time with someone I'm really into not to be in a car....

    Nevertheless, she's not responding to you for whatever reason. If you apologize, I'm not sure if anything would change considering a week has passed.
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    First, based on what you described, you did absolutely nothing wrong. You should have standards and value yourself, so If you do not want to have sex in a car, she should value and respect that. Don’t apologize for anything.
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