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    Hey humans of After Ellen,
    First I want to say thanks for responding to my threads. I'm been on here mostly as an spectator until recently, the online world can be a little scary.

    PS I can't seem to english at the moment as I am on my phone and my fat fingers are determine to not let me type....So I apologize for my grammer..... ( ;p) and punctuation'

    So a little background about me I a Mexican girl, raised in a catholic household. Dating was not really something my parent encourage in our case, so I have always been really awkward and weird in that department. Anyway fast forward to these last 4 months I would say, I felt a switch in my confidence open up, there are many aspects to that but a lot has to do with what I have read online and on forums like this. So anyway, I decided to try online dating, I started with OKC which honestly it was scary AF, I also have some body image issues so I state I a curvy right off the bat to not give people the wrong impression. I was terrified of "accidentally" liking someone that was out of my league, too smart, too pretty.... blah blah blah.... As time went by my issues started slowly chipping away not 100% but enough for me to actually start messaging women if anything I am starting off with friendship and finding things in common heck I may met a new dance buddy if that's all I'm totally okay with that.....

    So for the real meat of this thread......... I will start with something that surprised my self. I was always afraid of rejection, what if this girl does not respond, or what if she..... I would continuously tortured myself and then it happen.... I went on an awesome meet up with this fabulous woman she was fun we did karaoke and danced.... I got the sweetest text afterward we texted back and forth and I was like dam this awesome..... Then I changed my profile picture on OKC because I had just gone to the Tegan and Sara concert and was super hyped, I state on my profile I am looking for friends too! I made it clear that I liked this girl, I made attempts at meeting up but she was unable to, and after I changed my profile picture she sent me a text which was hurtful, it was never my intention of leading her on or playing hard to get as she accused me. I made all efforts to meet up for a proper date, it was her not being able to, and I totally get I mean we are adults with commitments. Anyways I guess it turns out she was upset because I switched my picture, probably my mistake, I don't know since that was my first online experience and I was/ am still learning the etiquette for online dating (are you allowed to go on dates/meet with more than one person?) Anyways so that was it, past Monica probably could have had a completely ego bruise that would have made her quit online dating but I didn't, and that actually gave me the confidence to continue and actually start messaging... And honestly it was all about the confidence, I still have my issues and reading women for me if hard because my confidence gets in my way but now, if I don't receive a text back or a message back I am actually totally okay....

    And forums like this have helped me so much so thanks humans!!
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    It is one thing for her to like you so much she gets disappointed that you will be out there dating still. It is another thing to get upset about it. My gosh, if she is this controlling now, what would happen if you are on the 3rd date? You have done nothing wrong. Hope it gets better with someone else.

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