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    May 2, 2016
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    Two questions, what do you find tend to be the qualities and attributes of the queers that are the most popular with people and have more people attracted to them socially and romantically?

    Second is what do you find attractive?

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    Jan 15, 2016
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    I feel like the more people answer this, the more various answers you'd get. That's because we all have our different views on what attractive is. We all search for various qualities and why the majority of us may agree on something, it doesn't mean it's most popular. After all, the members here are just a small number of LGBTQIA+ members.

    As for me, in terms of qualities I search for honesty, someone who's balanced, intelligent, appreciates art (is an artist too), hard-working, independent, somewhat romantic, somewhat ambitious & is not im my pocket-supports me & understands me but doesn't sugarcoat it and puts me in my place whenever I need to. They need to meet me half way especially on topics like politics and what they want to do with their life.
    In terms of looks, I generally go for people who look after themselves. I don't wanna sound superficial but I am not likely to date someone who doesn't put even a little effort into how they look like. I feel like if I'm working out more or less that they should be working out too. I generally go for blondes, with blue eyes, usually more feminine too, basically the Scandinavian type but I also like androgynous people because I am a firm believer that we're not only feminine or masculine. If we click, we click, as it often happens in the end.
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    I don't even really understand the first question. I know all kinds of queers, who are loved in all kinds of ways. One of the delightful things about people, when they are honest with themselves, is how they want, need, and give such different things, and how many interesting ways we can come together to form friendships and partnerships on those terms.

    I am attracted to people who are kind, thoughtful, and patient; more interested in finding solutions than being right; who are curious and engaged (in something - jobs, hobbies, literature, geekdom, whatever); who are willing to question assumptions and call bullshit; who laugh easily and would rather laugh it off than get mad. I used to have all kinds of qualifiers about interests and intelligence, but in my relationships and now my pretty great marriage, I've realized that intention and ways of engaging with the world - the why and how - are more important to a good partnership than those what/who particulars.

    I have been attracted to all kinds of types and presentations in my time; lately, I have been really appreciating the dapper dykes that cross my path. Give me a girl in a button down and a pair of oxfords any day, and I will appreciate as boldly as a married woman should (though it goes without saying that none of them look better than my wife).
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