crushing on my mentor

Discussion in 'Advice (Dear AE...)' started by FarieyNurse, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. FarieyNurse

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    Nov 12, 2013
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    hi all.

    i know that there is no chance between us but i just want to post something here to share my thoughts and feeling, hopefully i get a piece of advice from lovely people here. :)

    here it goes.
    2 days ago i meet an awesome girl
    i was trainee and shes "sort of" senior.

    At first, i was not attracted to her but during our usual rounds. i noticed her HANDS. yes, you read it right. Its little bit weird (i know) but no, i dont have a thing with HANDS or hand fetishesetc.. its just one of those moments that you kinda like " damn, whatta a sexy hands she got there" or "is it possible to marry a hands"?

    seriously, i cant stop staring at it!! and the next day, i realized that i might have a crush on her hands and also to the owner. :geek:

    From then, i noticed every details about her.
    shes tall( sad to say im a short,petite), slender, flawless,smells good. shes not the "stunning" type but she is very pretty.
    (so out of my league)
    also she is STRAIGHT as yeah,
    on top of that shes very nice,patient to me. she teaches me alot in our field and i enjoy every seconds with her.
    Shes is the reason why i get so excited when its our shift.
    I talked to her a lot, shes LOLing at me all when im messed up a at times but not in a arrogant way..
    i get that warm fuzzy feeling whenever shes around..
    im checking her out every now and then,afraid she might catch me glancing her although she seems oblivious to me and my growing infatuation.
    Im not expecting or anything,becoz she seems friendly and overall nice. shes not all flirty but professional.
    I have decided to kept my feelings to myself and enjoy every minute and possibly deal the broken heart later.
    I will be nice to her,joked on her,cherish her attention to me,
    and be contented look for her in afar with no expectation.

    thank you for reading and looking forward for your replies.
  2. greylin

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    Jul 4, 2013
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    Your approach to your crush is a good one. I hope you enjoy the eye candy and warm fuzzies with it. Just don't gift her gloves for the holidays.

    Yours was one of the most enjoyable posts, hands down. *ba da bum* Seriously though, thanks for sharing.
  3. FarieyNurse

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    Nov 12, 2013
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    glad you enjoyed it. :) but its easier to said than done.

    If only getting over with someone is easier as falling inlove.

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