"Conversion" to lesbianism?

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by Zarco Nimmo, Sep 13, 2014.

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    No heterosexual woman was ever "converted" to lesbianism. She cannot "become" something that is not in her nature. A woman who has led a heterosexual life and then lives as a lesbian is one who has abandoned a false front and begun to act upon her true feelings. She had always been attracted to women, but was unable or unwilling to recognize that fact. One mark of a healthy society is the ease with which a lesbian is free to recognize herself as a lesbian and to live as one, unimpeded by the prejudices of a few who, we hope, will become even fewer over time.
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    There isn't any "conversion" of sexual orientation. Repressed sexuality from parenting and other peers causes problems, but if people continue to ADVANCE over time, such problems will become the past. Even as a bi-sexual, my dating/social life suffered being "straight" compared to being more myself.

    A normal and unfortunate human reaction to sexual repression is that of homophobes. The louder they talk, the more likely they are repressed or hiding their true sexuality from the public... so they use such tactics as a deflection. President Putin, who getting crazier each year with power - is violently against homosexuals, but he does rather homosexual like behavior. :eek:

    Gay, lesbian, bi, transgender, straight or whatever - needs to be true to their feelings for their health... and many will remain in the closet for various reasons, which is their right... except when they attack gays, etc.

    Rush Limbaugh... you are so flaming.
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