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    So, i recently came out at the grand old age of 31, only to family not to friends or colleagues (although im pretty sure they know)
    Anyway early last year a new woman joined our company and i got the short straw of training her, (im not good with new people) anyway it was kind of different with her, i was immediatly being my sarcastic annoying self and winding her up, as the weeks past, everytime i seen her i just stared her up and down and realised i realllllly liked her. As i mentioned i was 31 and just "out" through speaking to her i discovered shes single, 48, doesnt (cant) have kids. We talked for long periods of the working day mainly because of our jobs being linked to eachothers, but it ended up being about each other and what we like, football rugby etc and our families, then a day or 2 before she was going on holiday she asked me if id miss her, and me being me, i was like no and laughed, when i actually wanted 2 say yessss please dont go. She has a habit of licking her top lip when ever we speak and are overly concerned for each other (i wasnt well at work 1 day and she looked worried and kept coming to see me same with her) im not a touchy feely person but she so im not the type to touch her when we speak but she has done to me a few times, anyway the last day i saw her i said something sarcastic as usual as she was walking away and when i looked at her she had turned round smiling at me then went home. Sorry for the essay, im just really confused im thinking she likes me but at the same time im just hoping she does, any ideas?
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    Nothing you describe says for sure that she likes you, except through your rose-tinted crush glasses. Having a friend at work, missing someone when they're out, being physically affectionate, or licking your lips every once in a while are pretty normal lady behaviors. I have had straight lady friends at work who give me hugs, flirt to high heaven for fun, and get faux grumpy when I'm out because they miss me.

    That doesn't mean she doesn't like you, or wouldn't be interested in you if you asked her out (though, let's be real, coworker relationships are terrible ideas 99% of the time). But her behavior sends no secret queer signals to me, beyond "you're hoping, she's friendly."
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