Confused, would she be into me?

Discussion in 'Does She Like Me?' started by ieguiam, Mar 23, 2014.

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    Mar 23, 2014
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    Hi Girls! I'm new to the AE Forum, I'm a 31 year old girl from Mexico City and really confused, hope you can give me some advise on what could be possibly going on.

    There is this girl I met in 2012 in a trip to India, she was on the same tour I was, so we became good friends. She also lives in Mexico City, but she lives in the southern part and I live in the north part. She is 36, divorced and actually has a boyfriend (3 year relationship), we try to see each other once a month to have breakfast, lunch or dinner, we usually see each other for 4 hours.

    Now, what's confusing for me is the following, she has made some weird comments I personally think a straight girl would not make, like for example, "I'm wearing high heels because I have this dinner tonight, and also because I was going to see you", I once told her that when I went to Brazil I had an issue with my cards that were not working and had to ask a colleague in Brazil for money and she said "do you want me to like you if you do that?".

    We have begun planning a trip to Europe this september, but if she has a boyfriend why does she wanna go with me to Italy and Paris instead of him?

    Everytime we see each other we are kind close to each other. Yesterday I invited her to a party and my friends noticed she indeed was very close paying attention to me while I spoke to her...

    I came out to her in last December and she was okay with that, but eventhough she mentions that I will found the right person for me, I don't know, I have this confusing signs from her, or maybe I just wanna see it that way because I like her so much...

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks girls!m :oops:
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    Jan 21, 2014
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    It's hard to tell from your post if she is or isn't into you. It could just be friendship, but it could be more. I think the issue here is that either way, she is dating someone. I don't think you should pursue anything until she is single, if that even happens.

    About the Europe trip, I've gone on vacations with friends and with girlfriends. Just because she is dating someone doesn't mean she wants to go on a trip with him. Maybe he's a bad traveler, or he said he doesn't have time to go anywhere this summer, or maybe she just likes vacations with friends. Its hard to read too much into that one.

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