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Discussion in 'Does She Like Me?' started by Crystal W., May 31, 2014.

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    So I met this girl my freshman year in college. The moment I saw her I fell for her. The only problem was that I was talking to someone and she had a girlfriend. We would spend ample time together considering her dorm was next to mine. We flirted around but we never crossed the line. We discussed our feelings and she said that if she didn't have a girlfriend she would've given me a chance.

    I ended up leaving after that first semester. We kept in contact for some months after that but then we lost connection. However, I never stopped thinking about her. We recently reconnected after five years. After a few texts I invited her to come down and visit. Surprisingly she said yes. Its about 450 miles. I've made it obvious that I am still into her, but I can't seem to tell if she is. I often call her beautiful but she just says pretty girl. From the look of her social site she is very outgoing and likes to party a lot. She seems very different then when I first meet her. She is still beautiful. However, I am even more nerdier than before. I am nervous about meeting her because I don't know if she likes me or not. I don't want to get my hopes up.

    Thank you for your advice!!
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    My math sucks, but I think there is some formula in which depicts the relationship between interest in someone and distance traveled as directly proportional. (I hope I am saying this right)

    In other words, I would not treck 450 miles for someone I don't think there's a chance I would like. She might be more reserved because it has been a while and she might have a new circumstance and need a face to face thing. So, I hope that you are confident in the fact that nerdy people can be seen as sweet and adorable and she likes you for who you are. If she doesn't, then well, she is just eye candy while you go catching up on old times. Nonetheless it is an opportunity and I hope you can make the best of it.

    And hey, she might be tired of partying and want a break from it for a spell.

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