Chicago Fire (Spoilers, season 3 episode 1)

Discussion in 'All OTHER shows with Lesbian/Bi Themes' started by Ásta, Sep 24, 2014.

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    Can we all just face a little truth about the events of this episode: the writers wrote Shay off into a corner, couldn't manage to figure out any original storyline so they basically got rid of her in order to make some shocking revelation to start the season with. For one, I didn't find it shocking, just disappointing and predictable. Killing the lesbian character instead of allowing her actually to have a meaningful storyline that doesn't all revolve around her sexuality, is the easy part. If they would have written a strong storyline for her in this season, allowing her to be something else than the one that gets scr*wed over every other episode because apparently all she was good for was dating crazy's and people who bailed on her at the last moment, maybe even giving her a functional relationship and some kind of a nice private life with regular problems (like they do with the other characters, like Casey and Dawson, Mills etc.) that would have actually surprised me.
    I think I'm putting this season on the shelf for now.

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