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    For those of you who enjoy the idea of female cartoon characters hooking up, here's a couple that occurred to me the other day: Captain Chantel DuBois and Frances from the Madagascar franchise. Captain DuBois is the main antagonist in the movie Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted, and Frances appears as a sinister zookeeper in one episode ("The Hoboken Surprise") of The Penguins of Madagascar TV series.

    Now, if you've seen these shows, you may find the idea of this pairing unappealing, if not downright preposterous. Both women are villains bent on the destruction of the heroes; Captain DuBois is particularly vile, hunting and killing her prey with lip-smacking alacrity. They don't sound like promising material for lesbian romance. I'm just going, for the most part, by their physical appearances and the characters that their appearances suggest to me, not by their actions in the shows. (I haven't even seen Madagascar 3; I know about Captain Dubois only because a Google search for Frances, whom I have seen in Penguins, also turned up information on the captain, whose voice is provided by Frances McDormand.) As far as I'm concerned, both characters are fine-looking ladies who might enjoy each other's company, and they've certainly inspired some luscious sapphic scenarios in my mind.

    Consider one possible scenario. Commissioner McSlade leads Captain DuBois on a tour of the Hoboken Zoo. Captain DuBois is reserved and apparently uninterested in the sights, until at one point she lays eyes on Frances, who at the moment is dusting off a turtle. Unnoticed by the commissioner, who gabbles on about the fecundity of mongooses in captivity or something like that, the Captain's eyes widen slightly and her mouth, hitherto tight as a drum, softens a little as she looks up and down the young, shapely zookeeper's womanly form. Track down to the Captain's breasts; with a stretching sound audible only to us viewers, her nipples stand up under the fabric of her uniform, apparently anxious for womanly contact.

    Commissioner McSlade notices Frances and introduces her to Captain DuBois. The two women offer their hands to shake, and the captain takes Frances's hand in both of her own. The corners of her red mouth turn up into a smile, and she looks upon the younger woman with bedroom eyes. Frances's eyes meet them and hold them. They hold hands a little longer than necessary before withdrawing them. The commissioner, oblivious to the signs of swelling attraction between the women, withdraws to let them talk shop a while. They chat about their respective lines of work, flirting all the while, casually at first, then more intently as their mutual attraction inflames them. After too short a time for both women's liking, Commissioner McSlade reappears to suggest resuming the tour. "Do let's meet again, my dear," says she to Frances, and Frances produces a brochure for the zoo and hands it to the captain. On its cover is a picture of Frances from the waist up, hands on her hips, smiling. The captain takes it and notices a phone number written in pen at the bottom. Frances clasps her hands and looks coyly at the captain, who slips the brochure into her inside breast pocket and pats her breast as she bids the zookeeper au revoir. Frances turns and walks away, looking back saucily at the captain. Captain DuBois watches Frances's pretty little tush. Her smile broadens. We hear another stretching sound as her nipples stick out even further.

    Well, anyway, I think it has possibilities. Let me know what you think, either pro or con.

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