Burned by a younger chic/frustrating Military...

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by AshleyLauren86, Oct 29, 2013.

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    So real quick, I'm kind of hurting and just need some advice. I'm in the military and stationed overseas for a year. Almost immediately after I get here I notice a girl in my unit and crush hard. I'm 27 and shes 20. Not my thing to go after someone 7 years my junior, but most my friends are in their early twenties and its not an issue. I foolishly go after this girl because honestly I wanted someone to have some fun and waste the time with. I made my intentions clear from the start and after a little chasing we hook up. A few times. Well of course after a couple months of this we start to develop extremely strong feelings for each other. She eventually asks me to be her girlfriend we stay to spend every waking moment together. She is also over here a year but leaves 2 months before me. We steadily move along, and it starts to get more serious, with the L word being dropped and outside pressure to figure out what we're going to do when she leaves. I leave it up to her because I don't feel right asking someone so young to do long distance, I've done it but its hard. We fight a lot but mostly due to us both being stubborn. We mostly just live day by day. I fucked up and fell petty hard for her. We knew from the beginning this relationship had an expiration date but I just put that thought on the back burner. Well out of nowhere, and about 2 months prior to her leaving she breaks up with me. I knew it was coming but not so soon and while she is still here. It surprises her too that she did it. We still have feelings for each other and I'm not ready to lose her yet. And I'm definitely not ready to see her every day. I'm pretty crushed because a week ago we were happy and in love but she's stronger and more stubborn then me and seems at peace with the decision. Wtf do I do for these next few weeks. I wasn't ready or wanting to break up, like does anyone know what its like to mourn a relationship that was doomed to fail from the beginning. I also can't stop the feeling of trying to convince her to stay with me, even though I know its definitely pointless. I've never been so lost after a break up. I just want her back. :/
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    Re: Burned by a younger chic/frustrating Mili...

    I don't have any advice for you. I just want to wish you quick healing and maybe the ability to find other pursuits to occupy your thoughts. You young people in the military are my heroes and I also wish you every advancement in your career.

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