Black Lesbian Representation?

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    So I am so glad to see the longest running, and currently ONLY website devoted to lesbians up and thriving again. However, something troubles me. There is absolutely no official content for Black lesbians. With Trump in the White House, anti-POC, and specifically anti-Black racism is more pervasive than ever. From my experience, this reaches into the Black LGBTQ community as well. I would love to see those issues addressed here.

    I am currently writing for a new startup specifically for Black LGBTQ people, but it is small and reaches few voices. AE would do well to have at least one Black lesbian writer, if at all possible. Just a suggestion. I would love to promote the site to other Black lesbians, but I hesitate to do so, because so many Black folks go to LGBTQ spaces only to find they are overwhelmingly or even exclusively white. Just a thought! Keep up the good work, and I hope you think about this in the future when hiring and/or promoting and soliciting/choosing content.
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