Being friends with your female friends without hitting on them

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by ChychD, Aug 4, 2016.

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    I'm a very curvy tomboy bisexual, meaning I have and enjoy sex with both men and women equally. If I should be bias I prefer female sex!
    Most people bisexuals as double dipping, which of course is true but there's no need to criticize because it's just the way we are. The important thing is to be honest with whoever you are with and be faithful if in a relationship.
    Relationships are usually difficult for me as I travel a lot (project mgt) all over the world for work; and keeping a relationship is very frustrating on the parties involved. I may not be the problem because I can totally do long distance but I feel for whoever I'm in a relationship with.
    I'm a really friendly person meaning I'm used to working up to a stranger and strike up a conversation.
    Being like this I have lots of female friends who have had sex with or dated or just friends. I usually let my straight friends know I'm bisexual so that they don't go seducing me. And I make it known that if you intend to be just friends then DONT seduce me or make moves on me. Because I would sleep with you and we will probably bout be friends afterwards if you have bad intentions to tease me.
    So we have co-existed by them being conscious of this fact. So they try to limit the "overly nakedness". And never ask me to help them try anything while they are naked. However we could sleep on same bed, dress up together, give massages, etc.
    This is really hard if you have crush on that friend.
    They are usually jealous when I have a girlfriend (I'm dating) or trying to date another girl. This is usually confusing.....anyone with this same question?

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