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    My name is Gwen; I'm a white lesbian cis woman living in Baltimore. I read the AE article "How I Became the Most Hated Lesbian in Baltimore" and am alarmed.

    Julia Beck describes her experience and frustrations with the LGBTQ community in Baltimore. Her conclusion is that cis (a term she refuses to use because she doesn't recognize trans people) lesbians are not seen or heard in the LGBTQ community.

    While misogyny still exists in any community, this doesn't give us an excuse to bash other people, especially our marginalized trans sisters. Transwomen are vulnerable to violence, especially in Baltimore.

    I was at the forum Julia discusses in her article. I'm on one of the LGBTQ committees. And I was one of the lesbians with short hair representing. Our committee leader for leadership and partnerships is also a lesbian. There are plenty of lesbians on this commission.

    Instead of expressing her frustration with not being heard, Julia decided to mis-gender fellow women, call people names, and refuse to listen. Jabari (the commission's liaison to the Mayor) spoke to Julia and she refused to see the difference between sex and gender.

    She does not speak empathetically--she is not compassionate. She is bashing our sisters and maintaining that us lesbians are the most unheard. We don't need to get into the oppression Olympics and we don't need to compare--we CANNOT bash each other and we cannot refuse to call someone by how they want to be called.

    AE needs to take these criticisms seriously--about this article and the "lesbian lives matter" instagram post. We cannot appropriate one oppressed group to be heard. We will only perpetuate oppression.

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    hi seems that our younger lesbians just do not get what us older lesbians have been fighting for all our lives...i will not get violent with you like the trans community has done with dare you assume anything about how we feel or look ...i have lost family members sticking up for transwoman all my life.i am a very butch wallet carring lesbian .i am not a man nor do i have a problem in the head. transwoman say you are really a man you just do not know it ..its insulting and frankly they sound like men who have harrassed lesbians and told us if we do not want to sleep with them, we must hate them .just like the priviliaged transwoman of today.all of you can be out .we could not we would be fired , beat raped, and thrown out of our houses.we did not have a woke community to help us out!! so please stop thinking like you have it worse dont....and please stop be sexist homophobes by implying that i as a card carring butch lesbian really is a guy!!! ...i am not...nor do i wish i was....ever!!!!!...girls who are butch are not mental cases needing to be changed so that transwoman can feel better and indoctrinate young sensative girls who are confused not because they are butch but because the straight and trans community is discriminating against them and they are upset over that ...and now they are being used by the trans community for an agenda that only harms them ...95 percent of these girls grows out of case you wanted to know facts not hate!!!! i have been married to my wife for twenty years.and thank god these transwoman were not around as young girls.because we were sensative to wanting friends .both of us wanted to be men for one reason ...they were respected and we were not ... thats it...we certainly grew out of it ...and never felt that way the way my wife is fem.i was not...i think i would of been one of those woman who transitioned just to be accepted and then regretted all my life.i am outgoing assertive .i take risks, i even can picture things in three d...yes i have amazing male qualities.but what i love is i am sensative , empathetic and caring like a woman...its the best of both is frankly amazing.on top of the fact that i am not like 99% of woman .i am unique...and i love every freaking moment of it...i am miscalur from my physical labor i did all my life something most woman can not see butch lesbians are not the monsters you think us to be....and want to insult so you can indoctrinate for an agenda...i can not believe how much i stuck up for transwoman all my life for them to be acting like incel men is outlandish, disrespectful...and has been not good for your we are all angry.and have every right to the way.if transwoman are so woke and think penises dont matter to us lesbians...why are they lesbians? why dont they just sleep with men? why dont they talk their walk....they do not..and although men murder them they just want to pick on the lesbians...its cowardly and says more about tjeir insecurities than anything.they may be woman .but they are unleashing the ugly side of their male priviliage...violence...woman do not get violent with people because theu wont sleep with them!!!!! you do not see lesbians complaining to straight woman wont sleep with me than your a bigot do you do not...this is all bull!!! you do not get to beat on lesbians to proof your a do not get to act like violent straigjt men who we as lesbians have been getting crap from all our lives and think that you ...not i are sexist homophobic bigots!!!...thats right tranverence on the smallest female community is so just like a man would do ...your jealous your angry and pissed that i as a butch woman is called a woman byt you are just like teenage boys do in high school you pick on the ones you will be sure to be able to beat up.afraid to pick at the real bigots ....yall are unbelieveable.and if you think you are so woke...grow up not only are you bigots you have no empathy for older lesbians that have come before you and shaped what you have today...and i will no longer stick up for you...and if you want to call me a terf ...go ahead just like the old days when men would call us dykes and lezzys. bring it the way you making believe your in the right and we are not makes you a monster not want to act like men ...with your violence go ahead .but do not expect me to treat you like a woman with all your the way acting like you do does not make lesbians even consider dating you...grow in no way have the soul of a woman in fact just like men your are very visual...just dressing as a woman and thinking your a woman....does not make you a all think you are more of a woman than me....thats laughable..but you believe it...why your bigots and think just because i have short hair, carry a wallet, have muscles...that i am really a bigoted can you get!!!! so young ladt gwen.maybe you should stop going along with everything you hear from your friends and stop going along with hate against lesbians because we wont sleep with a penis ...or call transwoman woman while they are acting like the straight men we have had to deal with all our lives...your being selfish and ignorant.the heart of a woman does not act like these transwoman and i hope one day they would have empathy for others instead of themselves.all i hear from them is look at us we are being murdered....well guess what minimum three woman are murdered every day by tjeir husbands and boyfriends....not one word from transwoman about that ...why....because they have no empathy for woman...non...zilth stop playing victims...woman die every day have always been murdered and yet transwoman still play victim .you give respect you get respect.if transwoman do not give lesbians respect why should we give it back.....why...because transwomannlike men like to force their priviliage on us...they are above us they think....and this love is the heart of a man...not a woman
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