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    My name is Gwen; I'm a white lesbian cis woman living in Baltimore. I read the AE article "How I Became the Most Hated Lesbian in Baltimore" and am alarmed.

    Julia Beck describes her experience and frustrations with the LGBTQ community in Baltimore. Her conclusion is that cis (a term she refuses to use because she doesn't recognize trans people) lesbians are not seen or heard in the LGBTQ community.

    While misogyny still exists in any community, this doesn't give us an excuse to bash other people, especially our marginalized trans sisters. Transwomen are vulnerable to violence, especially in Baltimore.

    I was at the forum Julia discusses in her article. I'm on one of the LGBTQ committees. And I was one of the lesbians with short hair representing. Our committee leader for leadership and partnerships is also a lesbian. There are plenty of lesbians on this commission.

    Instead of expressing her frustration with not being heard, Julia decided to mis-gender fellow women, call people names, and refuse to listen. Jabari (the commission's liaison to the Mayor) spoke to Julia and she refused to see the difference between sex and gender.

    She does not speak empathetically--she is not compassionate. She is bashing our sisters and maintaining that us lesbians are the most unheard. We don't need to get into the oppression Olympics and we don't need to compare--we CANNOT bash each other and we cannot refuse to call someone by how they want to be called.

    AE needs to take these criticisms seriously--about this article and the "lesbian lives matter" instagram post. We cannot appropriate one oppressed group to be heard. We will only perpetuate oppression.


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